The elegance of vinyl

I wasn’t going to post today.  Not the least of which because I’ve got stuff to do, but I was over in the library just now and they had a pile of records which they’re giving away.  Now, I just love the thought of records, albums, LPs, 33s & 45s, vinyl, whatever you want to call them.  To me, it’s like going into an old library or an antiquarian bookstore and just breathing in decades of history.  Vinyl records conjure up yesteryear; they create an ambiance which soothes the soul.  Hearing the smooth rushing Album coverhiss of a needle as it glides on to the record is like turning the pages of an ancient atlas and discovering old worlds that you never knew.

Of course, since the library is giving this stuff away, it’s probably not anything you’d want to hear anyway.  But here’s a sampling of what I picked up today:

  • Mediterranean Cruise – Frankie Carle and his Orchestra
  • Antal Dorati and the London Symphony Orchestra playing Respighi’s Birds: Brazilian Impressions
  • It’s A Big Wide Wonderful World – Roger Williams
  • Gaité Parisienne and Les Patineurs under the direction of Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra

The selections  were heavy on the Boston Pops, so I got several of those.  But one of the big things I noticed was the album covers.  Beautiful women lounging on sofas with their assumed husbands or boyfriends holding martinis and turning on the hi-fi in their suits and skinny ties.  I miss the days of heavy Impact fonts and full color photos of an evening at home scene.  These days you get some weird art or a photo of the band where nobody’s looking at the camera.  Not that it doesn’t work, it’s just not elegant.  That’s what I miss…the elegance of vinyl.

There are probably hundreds of links to vinyl album covers out there…but here are a few:

Enjoy, check out a once again updated movie page, and I’ll see you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “The elegance of vinyl

  1. What library is this? It makes me sick that I missed out on these pickin’s !

    (BTW, I have the Dorati/Resphigi LP on pristine Mercury vinyl and lots of mint Hi-Fi space age stuff on record as well)
    -Evan G

  2. My old man had a bunch of albums with those kinds of covers on it. Everyone looked like they were in a serene mood, having a drink, or women dressed like butterflies in see through outfits.

  3. Evan, the music library at UofL has these items occasionally, right on the front desk. They get donated by people and most of it’s stuff that they’re never going to catalog…not the least of which are the Reader’s Digest specials.

    John, does your mom still have those albums? I’d love to look through them some time. All my dad has is old Merle Haggard records.

  4. That must mean you get first dibs… That’s sweet.

    Most of my space age stuff comes from Goodwill, which is almost free at 50 cents a pop. Have even come across some RCA “shaded dogs” at one
    locale of late. They’d be more collectible is the condition was better, though.

    Half Price Books out on Hurstbourne also a good source, with many at 25 to 50 cents ea.

    I came into a mint condition set of stuff about 10 years ago at a baseball card shop, of all places. Stuff looks like it was put in a box and never touched for 40 or more years.

    CD collection at Anderson is good, too. But alas it has to stay on premises as you know.

    Free Public Library has finally made it to the “20th” century and is stocking lots of CDs now, especially classical, and lots of opera.

    Question: Does UofL get donations of soul records and stuff like that? That would really interest me.


  5. Sifting through old LPs is a great pastime. Glad you enjoyed some library freebees. Amazing what you can pick up for a dollar or two in the used CD-LP stores also.

    For any of your readers who are into this – join me at Record Players and LP Savers (

    -Dave Schmidt

  6. WHAT!!!! Roger Williams! I am so proud of you! Nothing like enjoying things of the past, especially to someone who is stuck in the 60’s!

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