Must Needz Kaffeen

No, I have not lost my mind and yes, I know the title of the post is misspelled.  It’s an homage to the LOLCats from and their incredible ability to make me laugh.  Not to mention the fact that due to my viewing of the latest installment of Harry Potter (movie review available on movies page) last night, I didn’t get home til 3:30 and I really need caffeine.  My eyes are slowly melting behind my glasses.

In other news, the American League defeated the National League All-Stars last night for the home-field advantage rights during the World Series.  That means that when my Boston Red Sox are playing in the World Series, they’ll have the home-field advantage.  Funny thing about the All-Star game…each player wears the uniform of the side in which they play for…for example:

AL JerseyNL Jersey


Now, the interesting thing is most normal people who follow baseball and understand what’s going on will understand that this is the case and has been for many years.  I mean, how confusing would it be if every player wore his own uniform and when throwing the ball you had to remember whether or not that guy was in your league or not before you threw it to him.  So, they do it for the sake of uniformity…hence, the name, UNIFORM.  However, some people who are not in the know but claim to be baseball fans, upon seeing a player, let’s say A-Rod, in the orange American League jersey (because the Yankees are in the American League) might be tempted to become distraught and discouraged into believing that their favorite player, hypothetically, has been traded or has signed with a new team.  They might even exclaim to others around them in their confusion that they can’t believe that their favorite player (or possibly the only one they know) has been traded or is otherwise seen out of their basic pinstripes (or other colors, y’know, hypothetically).  This, of course, is grounds for guffaws of laughter and extreme humiliation to the point of making phone calls during the All-Star game and leading to, but not exclusively, being called out in a friend’s blog.  I mean, y’know…hypothetically.
So with that, I’ll just be napping under my desk until lunch time at which point I’ll come out to take a nap and then I’ll go back to taking my nap after lunch so that when I get home, I’ll be ready for my nap.  Really, really need caffeine.

See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “Must Needz Kaffeen

  1. I’m pretty sure that those uni’s are only worn for the exhibition part of the event (Home Run Derby), and that their actual team home/away digs are worn in the game.

    That said, I’m surprised baseball hasn’t gone the way of the other major sports and had their All-Star teams wear matching uniforms in the actual game. Good merchandising opportunity, methinks.

    Saw UL in the CWS, and was thinking of you. My Buckeyes didn’t make it nearly that far, so I cheered for them instead.

  2. Drew, you are so right. I didn’t actually watch the game last night, I was at a friend’s birthday dinner. Mostly the post was just to make fun of my friend Angie…and it succeeded. I’m surprised MLB hasn’t gone the way of other sports too, but they are of course always behind in the marketing department. However, you can get the exhibition jerseys for $99 at…what a ripoff.

    I hadn’t heard from you in a while and wondered if you were still reading. I check your running page occasionally…I should run more myself. It looks like you’re coming along nicely.

    Yep, the alma mater did me proud at the CWS. It was a wild ride…it’s a shame it had to end. Maybe next year.

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