I’m here for an argument…No, You’re NOT!

I’m always up for a good argument provided that the following criteria are used:

  1. I’m in it. I hate hearing other people argue. It makes me cringe and I dislike it.
  2. It’s a reasoned and logical argument that is slightly heated, but always knows to turn down the heat when it approaches boiling.
  3. Both sides can agree to disagree at any moment and the argument dissipates.

Now, with that said, I enjoy reading the letters to the editor in the local paper. I like to argue with the people in the paper because they tend to take my opposing viewpoint. They’re not always logical, but it’s always heated and I can agree to disagree at any moment and move on to the comics. However, in every case, the writer is always passionate about their particular view and proudly defends it to no one and everyone at the same time.

My favorites, of late, have been the vitriolic tirades both for and against the removal of I-64 from above Waterfront Park. It has been an interesting debate, if for no other reason than it has pretty much already been decided. The plan as I understand it now is to expand the lanes of I-64, build two bridges (one downtown, one east end) and flood as much traffic through the middle of the city as possible. The “alternative” as posed by those of the 8664 campaign is to remove the downtown section of I-64, build one bridge (east end), route all the traffic through Indiana, and bask in the sun on the Great Lawn, accessible via the new Waterfront Parkway.

I, personally, now propose a third idea which will be met with wild accusation as to its impossibilities and I fully accept the ensuing arguments, mostly because they will adhere to the rules set up in the aforementioned guidelines for an argument. My idea is to add a bridge on the east end of town because we could use one there, eliminate I-64 from 9th Street to I-65…and here’s the wild and crazy part…make the central business district (the area bounded by the river to the north, 9th Street to the west, Jackson Street to the east, and Broadway to the south) CAR-FREE, and finally, add light rail from several access points around the city to the CBD.

Now, those of you who don’t live here, probably don’t really care. But commuters and those of us who drive downtown occasionally could probably see the benefits of this arrangement. I think it’s worth looking at, but as I say, the dilemma seems to have already been decided by those currently in power. Let the argument begin.

In other news…

  • I’m thrilled with my new grill. The switch from charcoal to gas was easier than I thought. It provided some wonderful dinner before the Police concert.
  • Yes, the Police concert, which was awesome, but you should never walk from my house to Churchill Downs and back in flip-flops.
  • You’ll notice a new updated books section to the right. It is part of a new website proffered by my good friend, the Monsignor, at Le Petomane. As such, the books page will probably disappear as goodreads does all of that for me.
  • I’m going to be running in the Louisville Half-Marathon in October…so I’d better start training.

See you in the funny papers!

7 thoughts on “I’m here for an argument…No, You’re NOT!

  1. Why did you switch from charcoal to gas?!!?!!? R U CRAZY? Nothing beats charcoal!!! Wait till the igniter on your gas grill wears down, then try to light your grill. You will not have any eyebrows!

  2. Why the switch? Convenience (gas is faster than charcoal), environmental responsibility (gas is cleaner burning than charcoal), cool factor (gas grill much prettier than charcoal grill). And I’ve lit a gas flame with a match before…plus, I look hot without eyebrows.

  3. I don’t live there, but I think Louisville is a great candidate for a downtown light rail system. I’m not sure about the CAR-FREE part, but that’s because I don’t know how I’d ever get to downtown Louisville if I couldn’t drive there. I can barely ever get there, now (although, I’ll be gracing your city with my fair presence next week for four whole days).

  4. Well, as I understand it, Louisville had light rail on the menu until the idea of 2 bridges came along. Well, with the money we save on another downtown bridge, we could fund light rail to an extent, and it would serve the rest of the city, not just commuters to and from Indiana.

    What are you going to be doing in Louisville? Training, or just goofing off for four days?

  5. I am doing training out in the hell that is Shelbyville Road, but I’m going to spend at least one night with a friend downtown. She lives next to a good cafe and around the corner from some awesome bakery.

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