This is probably going to be a long post, so if you’re not sitting comfortably, feel free to rearrange, grab a drink, what have you…

Okay, so, it’s been a long time since we talked. Mostly, it’s been too hot to write, but as I was thinking of you, dear Internet, this morning, I stumbled across an idea for posting. The Alphabet Post.

A is for Anniversary – My wife and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary on Wednesday by attending a performance of Hell’s Kitchen Dance w/Mikhail Baryshnikov and then dinner afterwards at Avalon. It was a beautiful evening and you can read more about the performance later in this post as well as on the Events page (when I get around to updating it).

B is for Bonds – Many people have asked my opinion on Barry Bonds being as I’m a baseball fan of the highest order. I have sometimes struggled with my feelings regarding the situation, not the least of which Barry Bondsbecause I admired Hank Aaron so much and appreciated his abilities. However, now that the record has been surpassed (steroid-enhanced or not), I’d like to comment. Barry’s been around the game a long time and, unfortunately, he’s never been one of the media darlings. This has increased the ire against him regarding steroids because so many people want a gracious hero. However, even if you take away his 73 homerun season, he’s still in the high 600s and he’s been playing as long as Aaron did, so he was bound to break it at some point, regardless of his hat size. There will always be people who can argue any statistic from any social standpoint and that’s fine, because that’s what records are designed to do — set a benchmark with which to compare people and produce fodder for arguments. I’m not thrilled that Barry broke the record, but I foresee a day when this mark will fall as well.

C is for Climate – You may have noticed that the weather is heating up. It broke 100 the last couple of days and it’s going to be hot for a while. Let me introduce you to a phrase that you’re going to hear a lot of: global climate change. The weather that you’re used to is simply not going to be around anymore. We’re entering a new phase of climate on a worldwide scale that’s different than what we’ve ever known. It’s not just global warming, it’s a change in weather patterns. It may be due to anthropomorphic intervention or simply a cyclic global system…that doesn’t matter anymore. The fact is, the change is here and we’re going to have to adapt and/or figure out a way to reverse the trend.

D is for Dance – I alluded earlier to Hell’s Kitchen Dance…let me just say that they are beyond explanation. There are not superlatives enough to describe the evening. Baryshnikov was charming, humorous, graceful, fluid, dazzling and beyond comparison…and yet, his “entourage” were possibly even more engaging than the master. Their lithe forms floating across the stage in Come In and the extreme athleticism and power of Rom were, while opposites, a good showcase of the best of dance. But, every one came to see Baryshnikov and he did not disappoint. His solo piece Years later was an exercise in longevity, humility and passion for the art form. His every movement calculated, but not visibly so. I was very near tears and it was without a doubt, the highlight of the arts calendar.

E F is for Every Friday – I look forward to Fridays. Not just because half of them are paydays, but I find myself more productive and more comfortable at work on Friday. I’m not sure exactly why that is, but I do enjoy it. Fridays been very very good to me.

G H is for Great Hair – I long for great hair. My hair is not doing what I like it to do, but I think it’s mostly because I need a haircut. But I believe that my hair is also thinning on top and it may not be long before I join the ranks of the bald and beautiful. I don’t fear losing my hair, and I certainly don’t intend to try and hide the fact that it’s disappearing. I will simply thin gracefully and enjoy every moment.

I J K L is for I Just Know Love – Many readers will no doubt know already of my undying love for my beautiful, talented, intelligent wife, but it never hurts to repeat that which you truly believe most. She is the heart and soul of my life and I find that every day brings new dimension to our lives together. There may not be any such thing as the perfect couple, but we’re pretty darn close. To that end, I love you sweet girl and I have cherished every moment since I met you.Red Sox

M is for Manny and the boys – You didn’t really think that you’d get an entire alphabet with but one reference to baseball, did you? My Boston Red Sox maintain a 6 game lead over the dreaded Bronx Bombers (who’ve been on an unfortunate win streak of late) and they have a really decent shot at the post season. Of course, I dread every time they head off to the west coast, because it seems as though they don’t win as much out there as they do over here on the east coast.

N O P is for No Oil or Plastic – We’re going to have to a better job taking care of the earth. One thing is we’re going to have reduce our dependency on oil, foreign or domestic. Oil is not the wave of the future…I’m not sure exactly what is, but oil is going to run out and then we’re going to be pushing those SUVs along I-65. As for plastic, today I read an article from Salon that says There are 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating in every square mile of ocean, according to the United Nations Environment Programme.” People, that’s got to stop. When you go to the grocery, ask for paper because the baggers at the store will put 2 frozen dinners and a box of Triscuits in one bag and call it full. Yeah, it’s convenient to have a handle on the bag, but , seriously, is one more trip out to the SUV, that you just pushed home, really going to be that inconvenient? I don’t think so.

Q is for Quiet – There’s not nearly enough quiet in the world. There are planes and cars and dishwashers and babies (no offense to my friends who have babies…or cars and dishwashers for that matter) and there hardly seems place for just good old fashioned quiet. A constant stream from television and radio wreak havoc upon our ears…so much so that I think we’ve forgotten how to listen. Pick a day, one day soon, and try to find quiet…at least for an hour…it will be difficult, but I think you’ll breathe better. I’m going to look for mine tomorrow.

R S is for Racism and Sexism – There’s quite enough “-ism” in this world and I think it’s high time that we tried to eradicate some of it. Racism and Sexism could be quelled if we could simply get everyone to agree to a blank slate and decide that we’re all on this ball hurtling through space for a few brief moments together. Whites are not better than blacks, women should get paid as much as men…it’s a matter of history in most respects and we could do without a lot of it. Naturally, this is a simplistic view, but it’s only going to continue in a never ending cycle if we don’t do something to try and stop it soon.

T is for Theology The above goes for theology too. Look, you worship your god Crazy People(or don’t!) and I’ll worship mine and just quit trying to convert everyone to our way of thinking. People are different but equal…we need to see that believing in the god that hates adulterers doesn’t make us different than the god with eight arms. It’s simply a matter of what we choose to believe. Believing hurts no one, as long as it remains as belief and not action to make others believe the same thing.

U is for Universal Healthcare – We need it. The healthcare providers have profited far too long and they don’t help people who need them the most. I don’t need to see “Sicko” to know this. I just need to look around and see that people can’t afford basic medical care.

V W is for Very Well – I’m doing very well, and so is my family at the moment. We appreciate your concern and we’re happy to have you ask about us.

X is for X – It’s a strange letter, but we need it apparently…so there it is.

Y is for Yankees – There are very few things I despise in the world, but the Yankees are right up there. I love to see them lose. I love it when their fans whine about stupid things. I love to see George Steinbrenner’s face get all purple when his billion-dollar team sucks wind in the postseason.

Z is for Zounds! – As in, Zounds, this was a long post, and I doubt if I’ll do it again any time soon. I would like to say that I owe 5 questions to both Lydia and Maul St. Matthews. I know…it’s just been hard for me to think of good questions, but I promise them before the end of next week. Hold me to that.

See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “A…B…C…

  1. Yeah, did you drink too much lake water? Oh yeah, how about a update already? What am I supposed to do at work when your site is not updated!

  2. I’m a lazy bastard. You knew that when you agreed to be my best friend a hundred years ago. I may post something next week. Webe! *laughing* Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  3. Actually it is Wibbie, but I would not know because I refuse to use it. But that name will be with me for a long time.

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