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Those of you who visit often and are dismayed when there’s nothing new to read have probably ventured into my bloglist (down and to the right) to see if someone else has bothered to write anything that day. Often times these blogs are kept much more up to date than my own and are generally more entertaining. Recently, Nothing Rhymes With Lydia, has been writing the 55 Fiction which is from Ima Wurdibitsch’s blog and the concept intrigued me. So I’ve decided to write one of my own…let me know how you like it.

Jonas slumped silently in the kitchen chair; a glazed stare blurred the clock on the microwave. His nearly empty beer bottle dangled precariously from his fingers as he pondered the burning steak on the grill outside. Lyle Lovett sang about Ensenada in the background. Nothing mattered anymore, she was gone and he was alone.

So, there it is. It’s not as easy as I imagined to fit an entire story into 55 words or less, but it is a very interesting concept.

In other news, my Red Sox are determined to give me a heart attack. Oh please Lord, don’t let them lose the division. That would ruin my day…it really would.

Also, in other news, the pages on this site have been updated recently including the Spoiler-Free Movie Reviews and the Concerts and Events pages.

Get off your rims and do something about it.

Federal agency apologizes for touting foreign cars (click link for full story)

Okay, so Joe Ellis of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) sends out a memo to a large constituency touting the benefits of fuel-efficient cars and how great it would be if people would buy them.  Unfortunately, for Ellis, he didn’t imagine the firestorm he would create in Motown.  The uproar in Detroit over the fact that there were no Big Three gas-guzzling behemoths vehicles on the list is forcing the DHHS to stumble on its tongue in an attempt to apologize.  There are a few things wrong with this:No SUV

  • Why is DHHS touting the benefits of fuel-efficient cars?  Good question.  For health and humanity, I would recommend riding a bike or walking.  But seriously, if you’re going to recommend a car for energy conservation, wouldn’t you recommend one that gets good gas mileage, regardless of where it’s made?
  • If Michigan is so upset about the lack of Fords on the list, why not do something about it?  Instead of grousing about the mandated rise in fuel efficiency, how about making a car that actually exceeds the limits and competes on every level with the Japanese vehicles that you despise so much.
  • And…don’t make this about safety and choice.  Yes, we as Americans have the right to choose what we drive, but recent trends have shown that we’re choosing smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.  Usually from Japan.  Plus, SUVs are not really safer, regardless of what that phony J.D. Power tells us.  They’re just bigger so that when they wreck (or flip over!) there’s more to damage which just costs more in repairs and insurance premiums.
  • As far as the newsletter itself being a waste of taxpayer money…well, that may be, but so is all of this frivolous hoo-ha about how poor Detroit is so maligned by the government (the government it wanted, by the way) and senators bashing a newsletter that most employees probably didn’t even read.  When was the last time you read a department newsletter at your job?

I tire (no pun intended) of the ridiculous “woe-is-me” attitude from the Big Three automakers.  They’ve been ripping off America for years under the guise of “Buy American!” and now they’re being bitten in the ass by a better product and they want the government to do something about it.  I say, let them eat dust!

See you in the funny papers!

Out of Context

Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all. – George Washington, from his 1796 farewell address

I know that it’s not really fair to take a quote out of context, but to have recopied the whole address and then dissected it would have been way too much for this early in the morning. So you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit. George Washington

I consider George Washington to be one of the top presidents of all time. He led our country into being and while I’m certain that he had a few skeletons in the closet, his role in history is still fairly well cemented. And his comments here, among the many of his farewell speech, still ring true to this day. America, beautiful though she is, has not observed good faith and justice to all nations. Unfortunately, it has only observed hate and arrogance to all those who differ in opinion or fail on some level to provide this country with things it desires. We continue to labor in an unfounded war, appearing the bully to not only our enemies, but to our allies as well. Cultivation of peace and harmony must not begin with destruction of lives, both home and abroad. Indifferent practices regarding natural resources and the rights of others continue to harm the well-being of this nation and the choices made today will continue to haunt our grandchildren unless things are put right.

This may label me as unpatriotic or defeatist concerning our current state of affairs, but we as a people must stand together and let the leaders that we elected know that we will no longer stand for the intimidations of ourselves or other peoples. We have the ability to band together and force a change in this country and it’s time we did.

See you in the funny papers!



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I’m currently in the midst of a training program to run the Louisville Half-Marathon in October. I don’t want to divulge my secret training program lest other people will finish near the back of their age group and well off the lead. It’s a carefully planned design to not look fast at all.

Regardless, it’s what I’m doing these days, in addition to going to school. I started my senior thesis this semester and I’ll be graduating in May 2008. Finally!

Something witty about the tortoise and the hare should go here, but honestly, I don’t have anything.

Half-marathon training update here

A new day in Boston

Congratulations Clay Buchholz! Clay Buchholz no-no

Clay Buchholz just pitched a no-no for the Beantown Nine and it was brilliant. It is a shining spot in an otherwise mournful week. After the sweep in the Bronx, it is particularly gratifying to maintain a 5-game lead over the Yankees, especially with a pitching gem like the one hurled by Mr. Buchholz. Only the 17th no-hitter in Red Sox history and the first since Derek Lowe in 2002, the Orioles were absolutely flummoxed by Clay Buchholz.

Thank you Clay…and welcome to the big leagues.