Fiction Fun

Those of you who visit often and are dismayed when there’s nothing new to read have probably ventured into my bloglist (down and to the right) to see if someone else has bothered to write anything that day. Often times these blogs are kept much more up to date than my own and are generally more entertaining. Recently, Nothing Rhymes With Lydia, has been writing the 55 Fiction which is from Ima Wurdibitsch’s blog and the concept intrigued me. So I’ve decided to write one of my own…let me know how you like it.

Jonas slumped silently in the kitchen chair; a glazed stare blurred the clock on the microwave. His nearly empty beer bottle dangled precariously from his fingers as he pondered the burning steak on the grill outside. Lyle Lovett sang about Ensenada in the background. Nothing mattered anymore, she was gone and he was alone.

So, there it is. It’s not as easy as I imagined to fit an entire story into 55 words or less, but it is a very interesting concept.

In other news, my Red Sox are determined to give me a heart attack. Oh please Lord, don’t let them lose the division. That would ruin my day…it really would.

Also, in other news, the pages on this site have been updated recently including the Spoiler-Free Movie Reviews and the Concerts and Events pages.

6 thoughts on “Fiction Fun

  1. Lydia,

    The description takes up a lot of words. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit plot into mine…but it works. I like your stories thus far. Especially your first one.

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