Thank you Red Sox!

Prized Possession…

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What a beautiful game…a beautiful series! That’s really all I have to say.

See you in the funny papers!


Random Thoughts…or Flotsam and Jetsam of the brain.

  • How about those Red Sox? How about that Curt Schilling? Brilliant through 5 1/3 and then the masterful duo of Okajima and Papelbon to sweep away the rusty Rockies. Okajima is just absolutely lights out and Papelbon…well, dare I say, best closer in baseball? Sorry Mariano, I think Pap’s got you beat on this one…plus, I believe he’s a better dancer.
  • I sprained a ligament in my foot during my race Sunday. It was a terrible race from about mile 9 on. I did not train well enough to compete at a level I was happy with. By mile 10, I was wiped out and couldn’t muster more than a quarter-mile of jogging. I finished 2 minutes behind the guy who won the marathon…and I was running half that far. Had I been a horse, they would’ve shot me.
  • The neighbors next door (Chi O girls) got their house trashed last night. There was toilet paper all over the steps and the front of the house and plastic utensils driven into every square inch of the front yard. On the one hand, it’s kind of funny. On the other hand, it brings our property value down. I’m caught on the line between youth and adult. The homeowner in me says though that if the smallest tine of plastic fork ends up in my yard, some fool is gonna get jacked, yo!
  • 55Fiction is my latest obsession, so here’s my latest installment:

    He scrambled everywhere attempting to find them.  He knew that he’d left them right here.  It wasn’t even that long ago that he had them in his possession.  He couldn’t blame the kids and he knew what his wife would say.  They were important.
    That crazy squirrel couldn’t figure out where he’d buried his nuts.

  • I have plenty of work to do on my thesis…plus, they keep giving us work to do for class.  I mean, how can I be working on my thesis, if I keep having to do homework?  Sheesh!

That’s about it really.  See you in the funny papers!

I’m either committed, or I should be.

As we continue to get all the rain that we did not get this summer, I continue to bike to work.  Yesterday, I rode home in the pouring rain, but I stayed dry (for the most part) thanks to my O2 rain gear.  This morning, I set out again, still pouring rain and I made it to work.  So the only part of me that gets wet is my face (and glasses, unfortunately) and my shoes.  So all in all, I’m better off than if I was in a car with an umbrella because I get full coverage.

Still, there is a part of me that thinks…you know what, nobody else is doing this.  Other people just drive when it rains because it’s stupid to be out in the rain when you can be in your car, SAFE and dry.  But, I don’t even remember the last time I bought gas for our second car.  It was several months ago I’m sure…which is nice, since it’s almost $3/gal. now and doesn’t show signs of ever going down.  And, it was a sense of victory and satisfaction to hand over my parking permit to the fascists in the university police department.  To not ever have to give them another nickel is immensely gratifying.

In other news, how about those BOSTON RED SOX?!?!  They are awesome. The best comeback team in the history of the major leagues, down 3-1 to the Indians, they stormed back to take 3 straight against a great lineup and a very good pitching staff.  Now on to the Series, where we’ll send the rusty Rockies down the mile-high slide straight into the Back Bay!  I’m saying Red Sox in 5 games.

Check out updates to the movies page, and I’ll see you in the funny papers!

Organic…it’s good for you, it builds character.

How many of you at one time or another thought “Today’s the day I’m going to be healthier. I’m gonna start living right and eating right and exercising?” And how many of you found yourself on the couch a week later watching Letterman with a bag of Cheetos in one hand and your hundred dollar running shoes propped up on the coffee table? Hey, I’ve been there…some might even say I’m still there. I tried organic foods, but they were expensive and didn’t lend themselves easily to my budget. But now, there is assistance for those of you who are still eating Vienna Sausages from the can. My friend jujubee has joined forces with some other organically minded folks to create Organic Grocery Deals, a web forum where you can find all sorts of information on stores, merchandise, deals, recipes…the list goes on and on. This website, at first glance (since I just learned of it this morning), seems fairly comprehensive with the capability of becoming a massively informative site. I highly recommend it to all you couch potatoes, especially those of you who want to be, say, organic couch potatoes. It would also be helpful to those of you who are healthier than most. You might be able to stretch your organic dollar even further.

In other news:

  • Boston staves off elimination for another game behind the masterful performance of Josh Beckett, wunderkind of the postseason. It was a beautiful game, even with Manny slowly trotting to first on the world’s longest single. But honestly, if he did run, what would Tim McCarver have to wet his pants about. I hate Tim McCarver. Please FOX, partner Joe Buck with someone else…anyone else.
  • I’m running a half-marathon on Sunday morning. We’ll see how it goes. The weather promises to be very nice, cool and sunny. If you’re out and about early on Sunday, come on down to the river and cheer me on. Race starts at 8 a.m.
  • Today is 55Fiction day, so the latest installment of Jonas appears here:

The rain stained his black suit even darker than the clouds above.  Jonas stared intently ahead, his total focus was on the image before him.  A ghostly reflection of the rain warped face on the deeply polished walnut surface.  With a jolt, Lily was slowly lowered into the ground and Jonas blew her a kiss.

That’s all for today.  See you in the funny papers!

Rain and the environment

Well, it’s about time it rained.  Of course, now we’ll probably get all the rain that we were supposed to get all summer in about 4 days.  And, riding my bike in this kind of weather is exactly the sort of experience that makes me rethink my desire to be environmentally conscious.  Still, with my rain gear (one of these days I’ll have to get a picture of me in it, I’m super HOT!) I arrive to work with little or no wetness, except for my face, which is okay.

Speaking of environmentally conscious, rain like this is exactly what washes down a valley fill and floods peopleMountaintop Removal from their homes in eastern Kentucky.  It’s also the sort of rain that can break a poorly made slurry containment pond and allow millions of gallons of sludge to obliterate an entire community from the groundwater on up.  I bring this up because it’s the sort of thing you learn from being not only a geography student, but from being an audience member at a Kentuckians for the Commonwealth presentation.  The coal companies are destroying the landscape at a remarkable rate.  For example, at the Oklahoma City bombing, Timothy McVeigh used 4000 lbs. of ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate-Fuel Oil) to blow up the Murrah Federal Building.  Every day in the Appalachian mountains 4,000,000 lbs. of ANFO is used to blow the tops of mountains to get to the coal that powers your world.  At the current rate of devastation, there will be no mountains in southern West Virginia in two decades.  It will all be golf courses or mini-malls which is what is substituted for centuries-old mountains that contain coal.

For more information check out the following links:

Mountain Justice Summer

I Love Mountains

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

See you in the funny papers.

55Fiction and an Orlando update.

This is my latest entry into the 55Fiction category.  It continues the story of Jonas…

Jonas and Lily had been voted Best Couple their senior year and many people thought that they would be together forever. Jonas’ tears stained the pages of their yearbook as he traced the outline of Lily’s hair in the photo. He closed the yearbook, turned out the light, and stared at her empty pillow.

Disney World is wonderful fun. You can be a child again and enjoy all the rides that you loved when you were little. C. and I did the Mad Hatter’s Teacups and It’s A Small World (twice), but we also did some cool rides like Test Track at Epcot.  That one really got my heart to racing and since I haven’t had a haircut in about 2 decades my hair was sticking out wildly after we got off that one.  We hit all four parks and for the most part they were decent.  Animal Kingdom is a little boring, but when you did a safari on your honeymoon, everything seems tame.  MGM is pretty neat, but if you’re not a roller-coaster person, then the rides you do like are very very slow…still entertaining though.  We’ve decided, however, not to drag our kids to Disney World until they’re old enough to appreciate it.  It’s hot in Florida and crankiness gets kicked up a notch in the humidity.  Also, I’m hoping to have the precious few pictures we took up on Flickr soon.

Finally…while in Orlando, I was able to see Across the Universe which is an outstanding film.  A review is available on the Spoiler-Free Movie Reviews page.  And, a new season of Boondocks has just begun on Adult Swim.

See you in the funny papers!

55 Fiction Friday…and a vacation?

I can’t believe that it’s been a week already. I would’ve sworn that I had just posted, but the calendar says otherwise. So, here’s another post of 55 Fiction that somewhat continues the story from last week, hope you enjoy:

Jonas toiled slowly in the yard, rivers of sweat rushing down his body; slaves to gravity. He thought of her often, especially when he passed the lilies she so carefully cultivated in the yard. Funny, he thought, as he tenderly pushed the mower over the sharp green stems…her name was Lily.

In other news, my Red Sox showed off the right stuff for the opener against the Angels.  Two homers and a complete game shutout from my personal hero Josh Beckett.  I can’t wait for tonight’s game for two reasons

  1. It will be the next step in an inexorable march to the World Series where we will conquer some hapless dopes from the National League.
  2. I will be in Orlando to enjoy the game.

Yep, that’s right.  C and I are taking a well-deserved respite down to the happiest place on earth.  I’ll be enjoying all that DisneyCo. has to offer for the next 5 days.  So, don’t be surprised if the next post here isn’t until next Friday.  Please people, I have priorities.  When I get home, I’ll tell you all about the fun you missed.