55Fiction and an Orlando update.

This is my latest entry into the 55Fiction category.  It continues the story of Jonas…

Jonas and Lily had been voted Best Couple their senior year and many people thought that they would be together forever. Jonas’ tears stained the pages of their yearbook as he traced the outline of Lily’s hair in the photo. He closed the yearbook, turned out the light, and stared at her empty pillow.

Disney World is wonderful fun. You can be a child again and enjoy all the rides that you loved when you were little. C. and I did the Mad Hatter’s Teacups and It’s A Small World (twice), but we also did some cool rides like Test Track at Epcot.  That one really got my heart to racing and since I haven’t had a haircut in about 2 decades my hair was sticking out wildly after we got off that one.  We hit all four parks and for the most part they were decent.  Animal Kingdom is a little boring, but when you did a safari on your honeymoon, everything seems tame.  MGM is pretty neat, but if you’re not a roller-coaster person, then the rides you do like are very very slow…still entertaining though.  We’ve decided, however, not to drag our kids to Disney World until they’re old enough to appreciate it.  It’s hot in Florida and crankiness gets kicked up a notch in the humidity.  Also, I’m hoping to have the precious few pictures we took up on Flickr soon.

Finally…while in Orlando, I was able to see Across the Universe which is an outstanding film.  A review is available on the Spoiler-Free Movie Reviews page.  And, a new season of Boondocks has just begun on Adult Swim.

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “55Fiction and an Orlando update.

  1. I would’ve been drunk…but beer costs about $33.82 a glass at Disney World. But it comes in a mouse shaped glass with a light up straw and everything. It’s crap-tastic!

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