I’m either committed, or I should be.

As we continue to get all the rain that we did not get this summer, I continue to bike to work.  Yesterday, I rode home in the pouring rain, but I stayed dry (for the most part) thanks to my O2 rain gear.  This morning, I set out again, still pouring rain and I made it to work.  So the only part of me that gets wet is my face (and glasses, unfortunately) and my shoes.  So all in all, I’m better off than if I was in a car with an umbrella because I get full coverage.

Still, there is a part of me that thinks…you know what, nobody else is doing this.  Other people just drive when it rains because it’s stupid to be out in the rain when you can be in your car, SAFE and dry.  But, I don’t even remember the last time I bought gas for our second car.  It was several months ago I’m sure…which is nice, since it’s almost $3/gal. now and doesn’t show signs of ever going down.  And, it was a sense of victory and satisfaction to hand over my parking permit to the fascists in the university police department.  To not ever have to give them another nickel is immensely gratifying.

In other news, how about those BOSTON RED SOX?!?!  They are awesome. The best comeback team in the history of the major leagues, down 3-1 to the Indians, they stormed back to take 3 straight against a great lineup and a very good pitching staff.  Now on to the Series, where we’ll send the rusty Rockies down the mile-high slide straight into the Back Bay!  I’m saying Red Sox in 5 games.

Check out updates to the movies page, and I’ll see you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “I’m either committed, or I should be.

  1. Handing over them a nickel, it should be more like $5 now right?!! Remember when parking at U of L meant you could still see Belknap Campus?

  2. I’m still looking for you in your rain gear…haven’t spotted you yet. But then, I’ve been home snug in bed these past few mornings as it’s been Gary’s turn to run the carpool.

    Stay safe. Drivers are extra moronic when it’s raining.

  3. Julee, I definitely need to get a photo of me in my rain gear. Super HOT I tell you. The ultra-brite yellow makes it safer to ride in the rain, so that’s good.

    John…how dare you utter the word Yankees on this website? *laughing*

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