NaBloPoMo – Post 6

I voted this morning.  I exercised my constitutional right to elect people in whom I entrustVote! my rights and liberties.  I voted for every high-tax, liberal, pork-producing, gay-loving babykiller I could find on the ballot.  By which I mean, Democrats.  I sprinkled in a couple of Republicans just for good measure, but for the most part it was strictly a Democrat day.  I love to vote, it gives me a feeling of power, even though I’ve seen the documentaries that show that my vote is probably not counted in the least.

In other news, I had that dream again…you know the one where you’re forced to go back to an old job because of unforeseen circumstances and suddenly that job is more complicated than it ever was before and you look like a complete bumbling idiot trying to do it.  Yeah, so there I was, forced to return as a cashier at the grocery store.  I had groceriesno idea how to work the register.  I was incapable of voiding off items I had accidentally scanned twice.  I did not know how to work the credit card machine.  It was a nightmare.  I think it’s mostly ridiculous though, because I feel pretty confident that with an hour or so of training, I could be just as good as the geniuses at the local Kroger…and probably faster too.

And let me just say for the record, that the bag to the left is in no way representative of how a grocery bag should be packed.  There’s way too much stuff in there and it overflows the top of the bag.  It’s poorly bagged and should be separated into at least two bags.  Kids these days…they just don’t know how with their plastic sacks.  It’s sad really.

See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Post 6

  1. We voted, too! Although it took much convincing G that we weren’t going on a BOAT.
    “We’re going to vote today!”
    “I go on a boat!”
    “No, v-v-vote!”
    Ah, 2 year olds.
    I agree. I love to vote. Not only does it make me feel like an adult *ahem* but I do believe in the process and feel that my vote counts and I am participating in the direction of my city/state/country. Plus, I think it deserves a sticker that says, I VOTED! Where is mine?
    It is a pet-peeve of mine to hear when people don’t vote. I could use the “then don’t complain” argument but that is futile. Get your lazy arse out of bed and go do the one thing that so many people in the world literally die to have the chance to do.

  2. I love voting, too, and I voted for everyone you described plus one Republican (first time, ever).

    RE: grocery bags. I love the new Kroger reusable bags. They are the greatest thing I’ve seen at the grocery store in a while.

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