NaBloPoMo – Post 8

Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while. Kin Hubbard

Well, the weather has finally changed here to that odd part of the year where you have to have a parka in the morning and running shorts in the afternoon. I find myself longing for some sort of moderately warm long sleeve shirt that doesn’t make me look like a lumberjack and goes well with khakis. Unfortunately, I don’t think they make that…so I’m stuck with the button-down/sweater combo for a while. I look a bit like a fill in for Mr. Rogers. I miss Mr. Rogers. He was a nice guy.

I had another different dream last night…one where I’m on a long car trip with my uncle Martin and he’s telling me stories, and we’re just driving. We stopped at some weird open market to go to the bathroom and we had to teach a very tall Chinese man how to fill out his check properly so that he could pay for his merchandise. It was definitely odd. But then, most of my dreams are very odd.

The UofL/West Virginia game is this evening and, like as not, the Cards will probably get their noses pushed in, however, I’m stopping short of saying that there’s no way they can win, unlike a certain sports writer in the paper. I think there’s a possibility…there’s magic in the air. Let’s just hope that magic stretches all the way to Morgantown. And, to complete the evening, a little trash talk for my bro-in-law, Jason who resides in Mo-town. “The Cards are gonna horsewhip the Mountaineers and then we’re gonna burn every couch on the way out of town. The Force is strong with us Mr. Tumnus and Louisville is gonna own WVU tonight.”

And, for a little trash talk for my Neighbor, S. “How about those Gardner-Webb boys huh? Whoo boy! 14-0 run to start the game…and the loss? Sounds like Billy-boy Gillispie got Bulldogged last night. Gonna be a long season when you get beat by a 9-21 team picked to finish 8th in their mid-major conference.”

Now, I’m gonna go back to waiting for Spring Training. See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Post 8

  1. Lyds…GARDNER-FREAKIN’-WEBB! I mean, c’mon. I had to. In all fairness, I didn’t see the game. I heard the 14-0 score on the radio and turned it off thinking it was just a fluke and that UK was bound to come back and beat them. Gardner-Webb? I’d never even heard of Gardner-Webb until today.

  2. Yeah, how do you lose to a team named Gardner Webb?!! Pretty bad when the little David of a school shuts down Goliath Kentucky with 14 unanswered points?! Goes to show you a name is just name in NCAA Basketball.

    The Force is strong with Gardner Webb

    As for the Cards/ West Vriginia Game, I hope they have fire extinguishers handy

    I hope Rick Pitino does not have a Billy G moment. Use the Force Rick!

  3. Talk about a David and Goliath moment! Gardner-Webb takes down mighty Kentucky. The Force is strong with this one.

    Hope Rick P does not have a Billy G collapse! Use the Force Rick!

  4. I did not know Kentucky fans could read. HAHAHA! But then I went to Louisville, so I cannot write a darn! (see what I mean!)

  5. Well, I didn’t go to Kentucky, so I can’t vouch for it’s reading program. I went to the other 4-year university in Lexington. Reading and writing were definite prerequisites.

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