NaBloPoMo – Post 14

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the “internet” is less private these days than it used to be.  At times you could wonder if anyone knew you were out there at all.  But now with Facebook, MySpace, archived pages from Google, better search engines, etc.  you don’t need a private investigator to find someone anymore.  I’m able to find people that I haven’t been in contact with for 20 years with a few short key strokes, so it’s not like it’s difficult.

The latest cautionary tale is being touted on the internet via video from WBZ in Boston found on Yahoo.  Kevin ColvinIt’s the story of Kevin Colvin, an intern who had “something come up” on Halloween night and was unavailable for work.  Kevin’s boss later looked up Kevin’s Facebook page and found a photo of Kevin dressed as a fairy, with a beer in hand.  Kevin’s boss then sent the image to everyone in the company with a note that said “Thanks for letting us know —  hope everything is okay in New York. (cool wand)”

That’s not the interesting news.  My point is that WBZ is making this a news story, as is the Washington Post.  Although, in defense of the Post, it’s on their OFF/beat (Real Strange News) blog…which is where it should be.  This is strictly a News of the Weird kind of story.   But WBZ had an entire segment on how “young people” should be aware of the “dangers” of the internet.  My favorite quote from the video is the female reporter who says: “Hey kids…this just in…grownups know how to Google!”  You better know how to Google you idiot talking-head.  I mean, c’mon…how is this dangerous?!  Nobody was hurt, Kevin got caught in a lie (as we all have at one time or other), his boss had a little fun at Kevin’s expense and everybody at Anglo Irish bank had a good laugh.  In all seriousness, the wand is not that cool.

Anyway, what aggravates me is that this is NEWS?  Did you forget that there’s a war on?  Not to mention global climate change.  But no…we’ve got to warn kids about the dangers of posting themselves in a Tinkerbell costume and drinking Busch Light. The warning here is, if you don’t have any news to report, make your lead story longer.  If this was your lead story, think about a different occupation.

Seriously, someone should at least spring for some decent beer.  BUSCH LIGHT?  Yet another Bus(c)h ruining the country.  Speaking of Bush, he’s been caught in a lie several times, yet, he’s still the President.  See what I mean?  Harmless fun…oh, wait, Kevin Colvin didn’t start a war with Iraq did he?  Cause, that could be a problem.

See you in the funny papers!

photo courtesy of, story information courtesy of Yahoo, Washington Post, and WBZ.

7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Post 14

  1. Well I found out about it on FARK. Makes you want to make sure you have a real beer in your hand, next time your photo get snapped. Like I would know about beer though.

  2. Yet another reason for me to not have a Facebook page.

    Comment-jack: Last night I saw Chris Cornell in concert. There was a guy standing next to me who looked like the picture in your header. I’m guessing it wasn’t you, but I think your doppelganger enjoyed the show.

  3. Yeah, it wasn’t me…but my twin is cooler than I am, so he gets to do a lot more stuff. No last night I was busy having a panic attack over my thesis. Hopefully no more of that.

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