NaBloPoMo – Post 15

You need to give money to education. Why?! Here’s why…

The computer I’m working on is a Dell Optiplex GX240. It was built in September 2002, roughly. At least, as far as I can gather. That’s the date on the user’s guide. Today, there was a discussion as to how much RAM I had in my computer. RAM is a type of computer data storage that helps your computer manipulate software applications and help them work more efficiently. Nowadays, the standard for computers on the market is at least 1 GB of RAM. Most new computers come with 2GB of RAM. Check the Sunday slick ads in your local paper and you’ll see it in the fine print. Now, the point of all this is to let you know how much RAM was in my computer.

256 MB

Seriously. (to borrow from the Grey’s Anatomy writers)  For those of you who like the math breakdown, it looks like this:

1024KB = 1MB

1024MB = 1GB

256MB = 1/4GB

I’m using 1/4 of the industry standard for computing power.  I’m not even gonna get into hard drive space.  But, I do want to go back to why you should give money.  The upgrade I got was to exchange one of my 128MB cards to 256MB.  So now, I’m working with the blazing capacity of 384MB which is nearly 2/5 of my perceived industry standard, and 1/5 of what you can get at your local Best Buy.  So, the next time your alma mater calls and asks for a donation, provided that you’ve paid up your student loans, tell them you’d be happy to fund the university’s mission to provide decent equipment to their support staff.  And, if you have a couple extra bucks, tell them you’d be happy to fund a parking structure as well…but that you’re not giving another damn cent to “research” or “sporting functions.”  Those guys get all the money they need.  I bet you Rick Pitino isn’t working on a subpar Dell.

Man, most of my posts are just bitter these days.  Must be the weather.  See you in the funny papers!

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