NaBloPoMo – Post 16

Emma Grace -- DUCK!I know that it’s after the fact. I know that Halloween was half a month ago and I got these pictures almost 2 weeks ago. But once again, my niece Emma Grace has “quacked” me up. If this is not the funniest thing you see all day, or possibly all month…well, I dare you to post whatever you think is funnier.

She has that serious look on her face. The one that my sister had for pretty much her entire childhood. The look that says…okay, seriously, give me the candy so I can take this dumb duck suit off. I look like Ralphie from Christmas Story in this thing. But she’s just so adorable that you can’t help but laugh at her little webbed feet and the death grip on her candy bucket.

In honor of my little niece, a bit of 55 Fiction:

He spread his candy out on the bed. It had been a long night, but he’d covered the neighborhood. A frown. Circus Peanuts, peanut butter nuggets…not a single Snickers in the whole bunch. But he was Spiderman!

Then he remembered, that girl ahead of him. Chicks get the good candy.

Damn you Wonder Woman!

See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Post 16

  1. Now that’s a cute chick! I laughed out loud when I saw her little face. Oh! The things we do to our children. I’m surprised she wasn’t a cow!

  2. John – I don’t appreciate that you think I STILL look like a “serious duck”

    Angie – The store didn’t have a cow costume available while grandma was there and offering to buy… sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

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