A whole week

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I posted. I went from everyday to no-day. It’s amazing how life catches up with you. Anyway, I have no time to write today, but I did want to put together a 55 Fiction for Ima Wurdibitsch so that she doesn’t think I’ve totally forgotten about it.

Looking through his CD collection, he reminisced. Birthday presents, anniversary gifts, impromptu purchases when he had a little money burning a hole in his pocket. All this music he had collected, all those memories presenting themselves as solid silicon in alphabetical order. He shut the cabinet and turned on his iPod. The future weighs less.

Okay, so not my best effort…but an interesting thought anyway.  I’m in a hurry anyway.  Anybody know a cheap way to get 11 people to Poland in January?  Short of firing them over there in a cannon, of course.

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