Running Numbers

No, I have not joined the Mafia nor am I involved in illegal gambling.  These are statistics for my running and other exercises over the course of my exercise log.

Over the course of the last 3 years or so, I have given my body over to 25,033 minutes of cardio exercise.  That’s 417 hours of exercise, Charles Atlaswhich is eleven work weeks of exercise.  Now that I look at it, that’s not very much at all and I should really get off my lazy duff.  That’s less than 3 weeks a year of exercise, or once every 24 days.

In contrast, over that same period, I have lifted 474,727 pounds.  That’s 433 pounds a day which is pretty impressiveCharles in Charge if you ask me.  And I lifted all of that in 538 exercises, for an average of 882 pounds per exercise.  You figure that I probably average between 8 and 10 reps and that’s 90-100 pounds per repetition.  With lifting like that, I should look like Charles Atlas and not Charles in Charge.

As previously stated in another post, I ran/biked over 900 miles last year.  I’m hoping to reach over 1000 this year and as part of that goal, I’m hoping to reinstate my goal of running to Pittsburg, KS as part of that goal.  I believe that many of you long time readers will remember that I started this a few years back and I never finished it.  That 570 miles will be part of my 1000 miles this year.  For those of you who don’t remember, please refer back to the January 31, 2003 entry.

Since my first race back in December 2005, I have run 514.3 miles over the course of 121 hours.  That’s 5 days of non-stop running.  In that same amount of time, I have biked 1221.5 miles in a little over 110 hours.  That’s just over 4.5 days of non-stop biking.  I’ve also done all those miles on 3 pairs of shoes which cost almost $260, averaging about $0.30/mile.

See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “Running Numbers

  1. I nearly spit my coffee all over the screen! Charles in Charge? Really? Scott Baio!? Could your spectrum get any broader?

    Ah, how my thoughts turned evil thinking about Photoshoping your head on the white shorty, short clad Baio. And then the thought made me nauseous so I moved on.

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