Today begins what amounts to a final chapter in my life experience. Today I start my final semester of college for an undergraduate degree. Just typing those words makes me lightheaded. The thought of not having that over my head is at once both awesome and frightening. As many of you know, I started college in 1992 and over the course of the last 16 years, I have started and stopped, changed majors more times than I care to count, and now I’ve finally reached the pinnacle of this journey and I’m scared. I have serious concerns about both my ability to finish this degree as well as my ability to “make it in the real world” once I’m finished. I’m sure that these are mostly unfounded, but that does not mean that they’re not there. So, those of you who are so inclined, I could use your prayers. Those of you who are less inclined, I appreciate positive thoughts during this final 4 months.

In other news, I finally went back to the gym last night and began my trek to Pittsburg, KS. I’ve started a Flickr Photo Set to keep track of my progress, but here’s the first leg that I ran last night. Naturally, I’ll be keeping stats and everything, so I’ll bore you with that later, but for now…here’s the beginning:

That should just about cover it.  See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Believe me when I say I understand that whoozy feeling. Just imagine the opportunities you will now have that will take you to the next step in your life.

    Not to sound like the Polar Express conductor or anything but don’t worry how long it took for your journey but that you went on the ride until you reached your goal. The most impressive thing to me is that you did it without any debt looming over you. We are so proud of you!

  2. It’s about time you had to “grow up” (speaking figuratively, of course) like the rest of us. We’ll be praying for you!
    I know exactly what you’re talking about – the “last-semester-jitters” can be daunting, but no worries! You’ll be a great success – how could you not be with all of the hard work and time that you have invested. Besides – I’ve already decided what I’m getting you, so you just have to graduate this semester! 🙂

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