Running update

So, I finally got back to the gym last night and ran off another 4 miles. I nearly made it out of the city…as you can see from the image. I wish I could run about 4 miles a day, which even then would mean 5 months of running. It’s slow going, but it’s meaningful and it helps my blood pressure, stress level, and overall health. And that’s a good thing. One other thing to note about this little “virtual” run is that it’s all running. I will not be adding cycling or other exercises to the distance of this run. Also, I mentioned this “virtual” run at the bar last night to some friends of mine and my friend B said…”I virtually run, too” which absolutely cracks me up. Anyway…

Second Run

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “Running update

  1. When I run (which is not often, lately), Running Ahead is what I used. I think I found it through you, initially. I hadn’t checked out the map feature, though. Excellent.

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