Over the river…and through the woods

Well, the exercise program is going well. I’ve pushed into Indiana on my “virtual” run in memory of my friend Melisa Augustson. I ran off 5.22 miles last night which leads to the title of this post. The map below shows my progress. I’m also down to a svelte 214 according to the scale at the gym. My blood pressure is also right on target. They’ve added a LifeClinic blood pressure machine at the gym so I can take my reading on a regular basis, rather than relying on going to the doctor which I almost never do. So things are going well on that front.


In other news, I got a little good news with my thesis yesterday. A friend hooked me up with a number for someone in Whitesburg who has offered to help me get acquainted with the town and introduce me to some folks. I’m starting to have a good feeling about the whole process. Which is much better than how I was feeling.

I hate work at the moment. It’s all just too much B.S. with budget cuts and crazy people flying all over the world. You would think that with a 3 percent budget cut that people would stay home…but they find the money somewhere and are headed to Seattle, Brasilia, and Poland. One of these days I’m going to be a professor so I can wander the globe aimlessly.

And, since my calendar says its Friday, it’s time for 55Fiction:

They lay on the soft warm sand side by side.  The small cool breeze wafted through the day, rustling the giant palm leaves overhead.  He listened to her soft breathing as they relaxed to the shifting ocean tide.  He blinked as a snow flake interrupted his dream.

“Hey, the bus is coming” she said rudely.

See you in the funny papers!

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