Hot and Cold

Okay, so my run last night was lackluster. I think I was dressed too warmly for the gym. That’s the problem with it being about 16 degrees outside and about 80 degrees in the gym. I have to dress well for the trip into the gym and then figure out how to be warm on the way out as well. There were a couple times during my weightlifting sets where I thought I was going to pass out from the heat…but I think I was just dehydrated, so a quick trip to the water fountain was in order. So I’m 15 miles in to the Melisa Memorial 570, check out the map.

In other news, I think I’m over the funk from yesterday. It lingered a little longer than I care for, but it was a seriously nasty funk. I’m usually a pretty easy going guy without much care in the world, but occasionally I get mired in some evil mood that manifests itself in some ugly stuff and that was yesterday (and most of Monday and Sunday as well.) But I’m better now.

That’s about it really. Work is crap, school is slow at the moment and church is heading into Lent…so that about covers it for me.


See you in the funny papers!

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