Screeching halt

It’s funny how life messes with you sometimes.  Everything’s going okay and then karma steps out and kicks you right in the testicles.  That happened to me on Saturday when I was out running.  One minute, I’m running along, trying to maintain a pace with S. and still make it up the hill.  The next minute, I’m rolling on the ground clutching my ankle wondering what popped?  Yep, if you haven’t heard by now, I have a transverse fracture on my right ankle which has sidelined a lot of my athletic activity.  Actually, it’s made common everyday activities more eventful, like showering and going to the bathroom.  The smallest of actions, like getting myself a drink from the fridge involves epic maneuvering.  I really thought I was in a lot better shape than I am, but apparently, I’m as weak and pathetic as before, I just have slightly more muscle tone.Needless to say, my running aspirations have taken a severe downturn.  I’m now merely imagining myself walking the 13 miles at best…and Philly, well, that may be a pipe dream.  Also, my “virtual run” in honor of Melisa has taken a backseat to the ankle.  On the upside, I’ve been off work a couple of days and while there’s nothing on TV, it was nice to sleep in this morning.  In other news, it’s Super Tuesday and I’m anxiously awaiting results so I can see who the front runners are.  I’m guessing McCain will be the Republican wag, whereas the Democratic primary is really still too close to call as far I’m concerned.  It may come down to a state that hasn’t voted yet.  Anyway, we’ll know tomorrow.   Also, it seems my blog gets more hits when I don’t write than when I do, which is confusing, but whatever.  And finally, Spring Training is just over a week away and I can’t wait for baseball season to begin. See you in the funny papers! 

3 thoughts on “Screeching halt

  1. I’ve heard it said that it takes as little as one percent of your body being damaged to kill you. Luckily, you just dinged up some extraneous parts. 🙂 Rest well, and heal quickly. You will reach your goals in time.

  2. So sorry to hear about your injury – but I bet you being in great shape will contribute greatly to a speedy recovery – no matter how much extra effort it takes to do those everyday mundane tasks that you now have amplified into quite an event. Think of the extra muscles you are working on during those times! AND lucky duck, you got to sleep in this morning…me, not so much!! Take care.

  3. Damn, dude! That sucks. Take ‘er easy for awhile, and don’t push too hard to get back into it too soon — that’ll sideline you for even longer. (Says she who stress-fractured her foot and kept running but overcorrected and f***ed up her hip joint overcorrecting and then sprained her knee overcorrecting for that … )

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