160 to go

YAAAWWWWWWPPPPP! I scream with a primal urgency like a sweaty-toothed madman. Why?! It’s baseball season. There’s no other good reason…at least not yet.*

My boys, the champions of Beantown, opened the season with an extra-inning affair in the Tokyo Dome. Now, I’m not altogetherYankee Stadium wild about the idea of opening the season in another country. It’s not xenophobia, but it does seem a bit un-American. I mean, we don’t call it our national pastime for no reason. Still and all, the Red Sox came away with a victory in the opener calling on brand new faces as well as the old familiar ones. Of course, they lost the second game this morning, with Manny providing the only run support, but there is still the opportunity for them to go 161-1 for the season. Unlikely, but it would be sweet.  Also, the picture to the right is of Yankee Stadium because that’s what I have the best photo of…so Angie and Gleemonex, enjoy!  Pshaw, Yankees fans! {eye roll}

In other news, my ankle is progressing nicely. I have complete range of motion (more so than the therapist apparently) and the strength is coming back fairly quickly. I do have a little problem with balance still, but that’s expected and I’m working on it. I should be back to fast walking within a couple of weeks and a light jog/run by the first part of May.  I’m already back to cycling to work which has been absolutely exhilarating after the long layoff.

School is winding up rapidly. I can see the finish line on this one folks, and those of you who know me know what a long, strange trip it has been. I’m wrapping up my senior thesis, hopefully this week. I have a presentation to do on the second week of April which should be a piece of cake now that the thesis itself is written. I don’t get too nervous doing these presentations, but we’ll see how it goes.  Graduation is on May 10 and I can’t wait to appear in my cap and gown…the culmination of years of endurance.

That about covers it.  See you in the funny papers!

*I suppose I can foresee a time when a good reason for a primal scream would be graduation, or maybe the birth of a child, but they will most certainly be reserved for extremely special occasions.

8 thoughts on “160 to go

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  2. Well, the madman said that the Yankees Suck for one thing, which actually makes him a little less mad than one might imagine.

    He was also mumbling something about a party for graduation…but that may have just been rambling.

  3. No, probably not. This was just after batting practice, so your “boyfriend” was probably in the clubhouse swigging a martini. It was a good game though, I got to see The Sandman pitch.

  4. Ohhhh, that is a beautiful photo indeed. 🙂 But I think you got those numbers reversed — 1-161. BURN!

    Congratulations on your approaching graduation — knock ’em dead!

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