It’s a jungle out there.


Originally uploaded by jovivebo

Well…there it was. The mower, lurking in the dark corner of the garage. Sneering at me with its electric grin. It could feel the warm weather through the window of the dim shelter. I slowly rolled it out into the sun to meet its nemesis. It fairly snarled at the depth of clover and wild violet that blanketed the small lawn. The lawn merely waved in the soft early spring breeze, not aware of its impending slaughter beneath the teeth of the hungry mower. It had been stored too long, it’s thirst for chlorophyll not slaked in some time. The mower hummed to life, surging in its desire to attack the high grass. The dandelions were smart to look away as the evil mower slashed toward them, laying waste to the field of green.

And so yesterday, the lawn mowing season began.

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