Back on track

Tonight I took my first steps toward returning to running.  I headed down to the local YMCA and pushed GO on the treadmill.  I huffed and puffed through a measly 20 minute jog which resulted in about a mile and a half.  All in all, my ankle felt good, but my opposite knee was a little achy.  I actually felt pretty good afterward and lifted a couple of weights, just to say I did.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but other than some sore muscles, I feel pretty good.

And now, some Random Thoughts:

  • Seriously?! The Red Sox got swept by the Devil Rays?  We’re gonna have to start getting some runs or it’s going to be a long season.
  • I’m reading A Tree Grows In Brooklyn right now and it is at times beautiful and heartbreaking.  It is slowly becoming one of my very favorite books.
  • Toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian…no, really…it’s the best thing for my body and for the earth on so many levels.  However, I can list a dozen meals off the top of my head with meat and/or seafood that I would really miss.  I’m torn.
  • The cold snap that we’re experiencing is referred to as dogwood winter, according to my mother.  She’s an expert on seasons that aren’t really seasons and the fruit/plant that they’re associated with.
  • Speaking of cold, I can’t seem to shake the one I have.  It’s been two weeks now and it’s been a mix of allergy and cold symptoms.  I’m hoping it’ll be gone by Derby.
  • Speaking of Derby, have you picked your horse yet?  Don’t even know who’s running do you?  Nobody does, and won’t until May 3rd, but I’m gonna pick Cowboy Cal, provided he’s still in the running when they actually choose.

See you in the funny papers!

One thought on “Back on track

  1. Go Rays!! Heh. They seem to have the Yanks’ number, too. Damndest thing.

    I just read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last year — WOW. Great stuff. I agree w/you totally.

    Vegetarian … for a Texas-born girl, I don’t eat much meat. I could probably go completely veg — except for bacon. mmmmmmm bacon. I think the important part is to make good choices w/r/t where your food comes from, how it’s farmed/raised, etc.

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