Oaks Day Blues

Here in Louisville, KY, we’re in the midst of an event that takes three weeks to prepare for and 2 minutes to occur. We spend millions of dollars on fireworks, create crazy events to foist on townies and out-of-towners alike, and only about 0.5% of these people actually see the Kentucky Twin Spires at Churchill DownsDerby in person. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if many Louisvillians have never actually seen the Derby live. It’s really a visitor’s event. It also seems to be for rich people, since even tickets to the infield are $40 and you have to spend the day dodging drunk college students and belligerent rednecks. The day before is Oaks Day which is much more an event for city people, but pretty much the same as the Derby, only it’s cheaper.

But, I’ve come to write about working on Oaks Day. There’s no reason for it. The office has been empty most of the day. The occasional straggler student (usually from out of town) wanders in and wonders where everyone is. The poor hourly workers (like myself) are stuck here to keep an office open for no one in particular. Also, an email is rumored to have been sent out to unknown persons recommending that offices close in staggered fashion starting at 2 p.m. No one in my building apparently got that email as we’ve been told nothing about it. In addition to all that, it is now starting to rain…the beginnings of what NOAA says will be two days of thunderstorms…and I’ll have to bike home in it. OUT-FRACKIN-STANDING! I’m gonna refrain from blistering the university administration here, because the rules for blogging are as follows:

  1. You do not blog about your job.
  2. You DO NOT blog about your job.

I pretty much stick to those rules…only violating them in vague terms so that it could really be any job.

In other news, my brother-in-law J. (C.’s brother) got married last week. I’m happy for him. I also realized that I now have two brothers-in-law whose first initial is J. and they both married an initial A. So that won’t be confusing in this blog at all. Try to keep up.

See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “Oaks Day Blues

  1. Exactly. Even weirder is that I’m basically responsible for setting up TWO of the three J & A combinations. You’d think I would’ve paid more attention.

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