Crawl before you can run

I’ve been frustrated with my inability to get back to running. Some of it has been physical, but it has been mental as well. I’m planning on going to the gym tonight, but I decided to look over the the records since I last went to the gym and I noticed that since I’ve been walking with the ladies at work, the miles have added up. I decided that this was part of training, if for no other reason, to build up stamina for running. We move at a fairly quick pace (for walking) and generally we get in a little less than a mile both morning and afternoon. I don’t always walk because of the amount of work on my desk, but the exercise has amassed a goodly amount.

Melisa Memorial 570

So, over the past month and a half, I’ve put in another 12.6 miles or so and hopefully this will be the impetus I need to begin running regularly. Provided the physical holds up.

As you can see from the map, hopefully, I’m now very near to Riddle, IN…

Riddle is an unincorporated community in Ohio Township, Crawford County, Indiana.

So, yet another boring factoid from my run. Apparently I’m running through some open countryside with lots of small places. However, if you, or someone you know, is from these places, I’d be happy to add more information about them. I’m pretty sure my email address is on the contact page.

See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “Crawl before you can run

  1. Yes, 64 West is pretty wide and open and country. I used to drive it to college in Owensboro. There’s really nothing there but small little towns.

  2. Yeah. I guess that’s why Holiday World sort of springs up out of a cornfield out there in Santa Claus. Oh well, I’ll be on to a whole new set of nameless towns once I get on into Illinois and Missouri.

  3. I could run to Vallonia, except it’s 70 miles back the other direction. Maybe that will be part of my next challenge. I was actually hoping to go through Milltown, but it’s not on I-64.

  4. Hey! I have simple humor. Besides, you’re no Oscar Wilde. Don’t get me wrong, you arouse a chuckle from me now and then. But Smacky McGee…now that’s funny!


  5. In a sleepy post-election fog I decided to google my nom de web “smackymcgee” and found this lovely compliment. Thanks, Angie! (Though you may never see this – such is the nature of internet life; speaking unknowingly to an empty room…) šŸ™‚

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