Where in the world…

Today, I write to you from beautiful Albuquerque, NM.  I know, I know…I just got back into town.  How could I possibly be on another vacation?!  Well, it was serendipitous really. My brother-in-law, J. Aside: there’s really no good way to distinguish them and still maintain privacy, so you’ll just have to follow the context and remember which ones are which.  Maybe later I’ll make a chart and his wife A. are moving to Flagstaff, AZ and they needed a driver for their second vehicle.  I happened to have time available and have always desired to drive out west.  So, I loaded up my gear (GPS included), Aside: Thank you J. and A., see, I told you it would be difficult to distinguish and we headed off Monday morning.  We drove 18 hours the first day and I experienced some real life on the road moments, not the least of which was sleeping in the cab of a rental truck in the parking lot of a “Cherokee” restaurant near Geary, Oklahoma. Aside: That beats the Circle B in Binkelman, Nebraska all to hell. The next morning, we drove around 9 hours to Albuquerque, NM and stayed at a Super 8 which is much better than the cab of a truck.  And, in an hour or so, we’re headed to Flagstaff.

It’s beautiful country out here.  Yes, it’s flat, but not like you might expect.  Oklahoma, which I had not previously considered as being a destination state is really very nice.  Especially near Catoosa, outside Tulsa.  The sun broke the clouds in dramatic fashion and everything was really green and wonderful.  Texas, at least through Amarillo, is really not all that great, but it’s not terribly boring.  Nothing like Missouri.  I dislike Missouri about as much as western Ohio.

Anyway, pictures to follow, and more discussion about various states.  I’ll say this for New Mexico, the winds are incredible.  I’m glad I haven’t lost weight recently otherwise, I’d have to have weighted shoes. Powerfully strong winds here and the heat…well, the heat doesn’t bother me much, but it is definitely warmer, without the lovely humidity of my own hometown.

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “Where in the world…

  1. If you see Bugs, tell him NOT to take a left turn in Albuquerque. Get’s him in trouble EVERY time.

    Enjoy the ride.

  2. I really enjoyed Albuquerque, that one day/night I spent there on the way to California. Flagstaff was the next day — also a very cool city. ABQ has the National Atomic Museum, which is F’ING AWESOME. Be sure to visit if you have the time.

  3. Angie, no sightings of Bugs Bunny, unfortunately.

    Glee, also unfortunately, there was no time for sightseeing…but I’m sure we’ll be visiting sometime soon.

    ABQ did have a nice neighborhood called the Brick Light District which is where I would want to hang out if I was living there.

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