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Where’ve I been?  Nowhere apparently, but not posting for some reason.  I have seen a ton of movies though, so I guess that’s what I’ve been doing during my non-post hiatus.  Definitely check out the movie reviews page…there may be something there you’ve been wanting to see.

  • Dad and I are headed to Milwaukee and Minneapolis this week to see some baseball.  New hats will be purchased.
  • I auditioned to sing with Voces Novae again.  *crossing my fingers*  Here’s hoping.
  • My friends R. and A. have a new goat named Licorice.  I can only assume it’s black…and that they’re a little weird. *laughing*
  • I rode about 30 miles on the new bike Sunday with my father-in-law.  We took the new City of Parks loop from Chickasaw Park to Farnsley-Moreman and back. The paved loop is awesome and extremely useful.
  • I’m using meebo now, so that I can be connected to all my various “instant message” systems at once.
  • Our modem is down at home…which REALLY cuts into my Facebook time.
  • This has been the most worthless post ever.

See you in the funny papers!

Against the wind

It’s time for another running update.  Honestly, there’s not much to report.  I’ve been lazy of late…not even walking that much at work.  I have, however, put on over 8 miles to get me over the 75 mile mark.


Now, as you can see (or maybe you can’t), I’ve arrived at the Dale/Huntingburg exit on I-64 in southwestern Indiana.  This used to be a favored stopping point of mine on trips to Terre Haute, Vincennes, etc.  There was a gas station here and a convenience store.   I haven’t been through here in some time, so I don’t know what’s there now…but there used to always be construction at this exit.  Anyway, now for your Dale factoid:

Founded in 1843, Dale was originally called Elizabeth and was renamed for Robert Dale Owen of New Harmony, the town’s congressman at the time.  Actress Florence Henderson of “The Brady Bunch” was born in Dale and President Abraham Lincoln was raised on a nearby farm.  His mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, is buried on that farm site.  As well, there is only one stop-light in Dale.

So there you go.  I finally made it to someplace that had something interesting going on.  Of course, it’ll probably be another 75 miles before I get something else interesting.

In other news, yea though I bemoan the fact that I have not been running, my biking prowess has increased.  Over the course of the weekend, I put 35 miles on the bike.  My butt is killing me and the rest of my body aches, but it was some gorgeous weather in which to ride.  Also, for TAFKAA and SV of Northpeak…we did some hills on those rides and training is slow, but it’s coming along.  The pics look great by the way.

I’ve also been meaning to get some pics of me in my bike gear because I know that you of the InterTubes and Webranet are dying to see them. Maybe soon I’ll have a photo shoot and get some shots of me decked out in my bike regalia.

Check out the movie review page as it has been updated heavily.  Everything else…not so much.

See you in the funny papers!

Tilting at windmills?

I know that there are roughly infinite number of things that could be cause for my own outrage.  A short list would include: hunger, poverty, war, mountaintop removal, global climate change, genocide, etc.  However, there are two things that are really creasing my shorts this morning; two things that have angered me beyond rational thought.

  1. Littering
  2. The Red Sox bullpen

Okay, so let me take you through the first one as it occurred.  I’m standing at the gas pump this weekend, pumping a ridiculous amount of money into the car.  This is not a normal occurrence for me, as I ride my bike a lot of places these days, but there I was because my wife and I were together and we were going a long distance.  TrashAnyway, as I’m standing there, pouring my life savings worth of fossil fuel into my vehicle, the lady (and I use that term loosely) at the next pump calmly opens a pack of gum, tossing the top as well as the wrapper around the stick of gum onto the ground.  Her companion in the car, also receiving a stick of gum, proceeds to wad up her wrapper and let it fall, slyly yet nonchalantly, down to the ground as well.  All of this happened a mere 24 inches from a free standing, well-lit, garishly colored GARBAGE CAN!  I could feel the rage welling up within me.  With all the problems in the world, you and by you, I mean Kentucky license plate 288-AMK, you couldn’t be bothered to make one lousy step and toss this paper, this miniscule light-weight paper into a trash receptacle?  It’s not like you were being asked to move tires or railroad ties!

I was going to make a comment about it, but I’m not a huge fan of confrontation.  I avoid it like the plague.  Suffice to say, not only was I outraged concerning the litter, I was enraged about my lack of ability to do something about it.  Although, it has been my experience that people of this ilk, by which I mean careless scofflaws, tend toward the stupid side anyway and probably would not understand what all the fuss was about.

So, with that out of the way, I can now focus my ire on the bullpen of my beloved Boston Red SoxRed Sox.  SERIOUSLY?! How do you continue to blow leads this way?  It’s almost as if you’re trying to rip my heart out piece by piece before the All-Star break.  Speaking of All-Stars, I’m happy to see that none of the bullpen save Papelbon, who is not excluded from my wrath made the All-Star team, because currently you guys stink worse than Naples on a July afternoon.  It’s outrageous that you have given away this much territory in the AL East, especially to the Tampa Bay Rays…THE RAYS!!!  The very team who, in their 10 year history, have NEVER had a winning season.  If there ever was a perennial cellar-dweller, it’s TAMPA BAY!  But what really gets my goat is to have to split a series with those mama’s boys from the Bronx.  I HATE losing to the Yankees!  HATE IT!  You’d better get your act together for the second half gentlemen, because it will be a cold day in Sarasota if you let TAMPA BAY win this division.

See you in the funny papers!

Independence Day

God Bless America

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As the clock winds down on this Independence Day, my thoughts rest heavy on various things. Patriotism and how that’s defined; flags, their meaning, and their defense; celebration of war and sacrifice, or simply an excuse to party. All of these things are part of the United States Independence Day.

Two hundred thirty two years ago, a group of men who disliked the current authority, got together and decided to settle the score on their terms. Using tactics that could best be described as “guerilla” and “terrorism,” this band of brothers set in motion the creation of a new country. A country that, over time, for better or worse, has become the most powerful country in the world.

We’ve heard a lot about patriotism in recent days what with each presidential candidate getting their two cents in. For me, patriotism is closely linked to nationalism, which isn’t far from jingoism in my book. You probably wouldn’t consider me a patriot. And, I’m pretty sure that this post (among others) will preclude me from a career with the CIA or the FBI or pretty much any other government post. Oh, well.

Being a patriot, or one who vigorously defends a country against detractors, can be unfortunate, because you may not be listening to well-intentioned and well-informed issues that affect your country. I know people, some in my own family, that will tell you that this country is the best country on earth…having been to maybe only one or two other countries in their life. I’m not saying that other countries are far superior, I’m just saying that there’s room for improvement in our own.

Not far behind these sayings is a desire to wave our flag, pictured prominently in this post, in the faces of naysayers. Our flag is not a tool or a weapon, it’s merely a symbol. A symbol of our own sacrifices to get to where we are today. By no means should it be used to antagonize or persecute others. Some will say I don’t love our flag. I don’t love what our flag has been made to stand for, but I still cover my heart and tears come to my eyes when I hear the Star-Spangled Banner. My grandfather and uncle, both taken well before their time, were military men and when their flags were crisply folded and placed in the arms of loved ones, I broke down and wept. I have the utmost respect for the flag, but not for the vitriol and bile that is being spread beneath its majestic unfurling.

Finally, as the neighbors set fire to the last of their explosives on this Independence Day, I wonder if we truly understand the significance of having this day, or has it gotten lost in the myriad other days wherein we take the day off work and drink beer with family. Has our understanding of freedom become something we simply take for granted because we don’t have to wake up early? My concern is that we no longer continue to fight for freedom because we think it’s a one and done, that our fighting has been done for us. I believe that it’s far from over. I believe we need to fight for our freedom and independence every day…and not in foreign countries where words like freedom and independence are intangible and unforeseeable.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t enjoy what we have, but I am saying we should remember how we got here and continue to improve on what we have. Far too long have we rested on our laurels in the independence department. And long may our flag wave in pursuit of that goal every day.

¿Donde in the F?

So, it’s time for another running update.  I’m afraid there’s not much to report.  I have gotten a couple of bike rides in which helps my training for other things, but has no bearing on my actual virtual run.  Aside: actual virtual? However, there was a little movement, therefore we get a new graphic.

Running update

Not really visible on the map is today’s local town of Saint Meinrad which is home to the famous monastery:

Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Spencer County, Indiana, USA, was founded by monks from Einsiedeln Abbey (Switzerland) on March 21, 1854, and currently is home to approximately 110 monks. It is one of only two archabbeys in the United States and one of 11 in the world.

Finally, a town in southern Indiana that actually has some useful information.  Other than the abbey, I don’t know much about Saint Meinrad.  It’s a shame I didn’t land in Santa Claus, Indiana.  That probably has a wealth of information.

Time now for some Random Thoughts:

  • Global climate change might not be so bad if it continues to give us this beautiful 80 degree weather with low humidity.
  • There’s nothing like a hammock and a good book.  If everybody had that, there’d be a lot less war.
  • It’s a new fiscal year here at work…so everybody should be in soon to be spending the money they don’t have.
  • Sometimes the titles of these posts are just for me.

See you in the funny papers