¿Donde in the F?

So, it’s time for another running update.  I’m afraid there’s not much to report.  I have gotten a couple of bike rides in which helps my training for other things, but has no bearing on my actual virtual run.  Aside: actual virtual? However, there was a little movement, therefore we get a new graphic.

Running update

Not really visible on the map is today’s local town of Saint Meinrad which is home to the famous monastery:

Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Spencer County, Indiana, USA, was founded by monks from Einsiedeln Abbey (Switzerland) on March 21, 1854, and currently is home to approximately 110 monks. It is one of only two archabbeys in the United States and one of 11 in the world.

Finally, a town in southern Indiana that actually has some useful information.  Other than the abbey, I don’t know much about Saint Meinrad.  It’s a shame I didn’t land in Santa Claus, Indiana.  That probably has a wealth of information.

Time now for some Random Thoughts:

  • Global climate change might not be so bad if it continues to give us this beautiful 80 degree weather with low humidity.
  • There’s nothing like a hammock and a good book.  If everybody had that, there’d be a lot less war.
  • It’s a new fiscal year here at work…so everybody should be in soon to be spending the money they don’t have.
  • Sometimes the titles of these posts are just for me.

See you in the funny papers

2 thoughts on “¿Donde in the F?

  1. I love the title.

    I love St. Meinrad’s Abbey. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place. At least, it was when we held our 8th grade Confirmation retreat, there.

    It sucks to be at work until 9pm on beautiful days.

    Good job on the runnin’.

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