Okay, I want to apologize to those of you who are offended by hurtful language…and some of you may even want to skip this post…but it needs to be said.

Dear Ignorant Bitch,

You!  Yes, I’m talking to you, the ignorant bitch riding in the passenger seat of that shit-brown gas-guzzler with Kentucky license plate 445-FYH. Let me tell you something rather than yelling like a fucking imbecile out of a moving car.  First of all, don’t yell at me.  You have no right and if you weren’t so ignorant, you’d know that you have no right.  Second of all, “Use the sidewalk!” is not acceptable in the city.  Any one with half an ounce of sense, which you apparently are lacking, knows by now that bicycles are afforded the same right as vehicles and it’s illegal to ride them on the sidewalk.  It’s even in the driver’s manual…but since you were riding in the passenger seat, maybe you’re too fucking dumb to have received a license, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least!  And, I swear to God, I wish that stoplight had been red longer so I could have rolled up and given you a piece of my mind…especially with that police officer sitting at the light as well.  That would’ve been the highlight of my day!  Dammit…you fucking pissed me off and I was having a decent day until then and the absolute rage I feel right now makes me want to find you and really tell you off.

But I have to mow the grass at the moment and, to be honest, I’m not even sure your thick skull could comprehend what I would try to beat into it.  Stupid bitch!

Gah! Some people!

See you in the funny papers!

7 thoughts on “Fury!

  1. So sorry this happened to you! Just more proof that some people are just plain ignorant – and they prove it every day with actions just like this! Glad you are ok – and keep that road rage in check! I’d hate to see a picture of you as “Flat Slugger”!!!!

  2. I was able to maintain my composure for the next several hundred yards to my house. It really startled me at first…having people yell at you while you’re trying to concentrate on not getting killed will do that (so much for a career in the armed forces)…but then I was just pissed off. Thus, the tirade! Thanks for you concern though.

  3. WHOA, indeed! And the problem is, there’s no way to educate these people (which is really what I would like to do) and retaliation is extremely dangerous, not to mention my previous discussions about aversion to conflict. Still…there should be some way…and I guess railing at them in my blog is what will have to suffice at this point!

  4. Woah, my boy. I had you pegged as the picture of composure, such as you demonstrated last year when I posted a similar tirade of outrage at a fucking inconsiderate driving be-otch and you advised a Gandhi-like outlook. Well, I’m sure you were within your rights, in any case. But still, whoah, Nelly!!!! -EG

  5. EG, ordinarily I am composed…and I did pretty well until I got home and fired up the LappleMactop, then the bile just flowed. But as I’ve said before, these people need to be educated…and I don’t know of a good way to do that. My friend John suggested this morning that I start carrying a sword with me on my bike. Sort of a HighlanderCycler…interesting thought.

    Interesting also that you mentioned Gandhi, as we just started watching that last night. Glad it had a built in intermission on the DVD…but it’s a great movie, thus far.

  6. That’s funny. A chick recently suggested I should carry a jousting pole and challenge other cyclists to a match. Maybe we can practice with each other using rubber swords and graduate up to the real thing to take on the A-hole motorists. BTW, I saw Gandhi way back in 1983 when it was a brand new movin’ pitcher. -EG

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