And MORE rage!

Mountaintop Removal in Kentucky
Mountaintop Removal in Kentucky

Apparently this is my week to be simply outraged by things, but I do hope, dear reader, that you will join with me on this one.

In a misguided and truly ignorant display of asshattery, our Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo has crossed over to the dark side (and by the dark side, I mean Big Coal.)

According to the article (for those of you who can’t be bothered to click the link), our buddy Mongiardo thinks that mountaintop removal is a grand thing and will be perfect for all the businesses, hospitals, and airports that are desperately trying to be built in eastern Kentucky.

In the local vernacular, HORSESHIT!  There are thousands of acres, literally, of mined land in eastern Kentucky, southern West Virginia, and western Virginia that have been flattened by this gross misuse of nature that sit empty, scarring the landscape, totally unused.  Ideally, they would be used for something, but they’re not.  They just sit there, completely empty like a soundstage on the moon, without viable options for re-growth and no economic possibilities on the horizon.

Mongiardo, you, sir, are an idiot!  Furthermore, being from Hazard, KY yourself, you should know the kind of destruction and devastation that this wreaks on not only the landscape, but the people and communities that are affected by this travesty of a business.  I can’t even begin to express the sincere outrage that I feel for your comments and the sincere sorrow I feel at both your ignorance and the poor policy decisions that might be a direct result of your idiocy.

See you in the funny papers!

7 thoughts on “And MORE rage!

  1. Oh, I hadn’t heard this, but it pisses me off. What’s he thinking? “Hey, let’s build a Wal-Mart on the top of Pine Mountain! That’ll be great.” BAFER (big ass fucking eye roll)

    Hey, if you get to rage, I want to, too.

  2. Oh, by all means, please join me in some rage. This is fucking ridiculous. I don’t really expect things to change because Big Coal is too ensconced in the pockets of politicians in this state, but you’d think they’d be a little more subtle about it. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this…I nearly had a vessel burst in my head. It’s absolute crazy talk.

  3. I think on your photo you should put “future site of Starbucks” with an arrow down and to the left. It is an outrage!!! If they are going to scar the land with mining coal, the least they can do is make something useful of the aftermath. Don’t hold your breath too much at that one happening any time soon!

    Get Al Gore on the phone! stat!

  4. Angie…exactly! But they don’t have to scar the land. They can mine the coal without scarring the land, they just do it this way because it takes less manpower and it’s “safer and easier.” Problem is, it’s not safer for people who live there and most of the coal companies are from out of state, so the area doesn’t even receive economic benefit from the resource mining. It’s just negligence. I highly recommend Stephen George’s commentary in this week’s LEO.

    Glee…Yes, Harlan County, USA was required viewing in one of my geography courses. It should be required viewing for the rest of the country as well. Nothing like a little brown (or orange) murky water to start off your day. That is assuming your house isn’t crushed by a river of sludge in the night, or blasted off its foundation in the middle of the day.

  5. And I am in complete agreement with this post. Mr Berry, too, is, I’m sure. (Not that he, the super-luddite, ever will see it.)

  6. Nathan, thanks for swinging by the Conspiracy. As if all this wasn’t bad enough…Governor Beshear is now apparently in on the act as well. Check out this post from Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

    I understand that we need to mine coal as it is a very important facet of our energy policy at the moment; providing a large percentage of electricity for the nation. However, we don’t have to do it by ripping the mountains down to the ground. Especially not in the guise of providing economic possibilities for eastern Kentuckians.

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