Extreme Hotness!

Extreme Hotness!

Originally uploaded by ConspiracyofHappiness

You asked for it…and here it is! I’m wearing my super slick Chianti Classico bike gear and posing with my Specialized Allez bicycle. This picture was taken today after a 35-mile bike ride from which I’m just now recovering. Pictures of me lounging in my hammock, or possibly playing Mario Kart in my rocking chair are, I’m sure, forthcoming. Please try not to drool on your keyboard, it makes the I.T. guys really unhappy!

See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “Extreme Hotness!

  1. Well alright! Its about time you provided the pic to satisfy all the wondering minds out here!! Cool bike, rockin’ gear, and those muscles!! Whoo-hoo! Thanks for sharing…!

  2. Evan…I got the shorts and jersey from http://www.procyclegear.com, the helmet and shoes from the Bardstown Road Bicycle Shop, the socks are Balega, and the gloves are Novara from REI

    Mar-cee-uh, yes, I suppose there must be some muscle under all that. However, I must say that the bike pretty much pedals itself. It’s as smooth as silk and I love riding it. It makes me happy to be riding.

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