Running Update

It’s been some time since I had a running update.  Unfortunately, that’s because I haven’t been doing a lot of running.  This last week is the first time I’ve put any real mileage in and it was painful and frustrating mileage at that.  I simply don’t have the stamina that I used to have.  In hopes of remedying that dilemma, I’m putting myself on a beginners’ plan…a “couch-to-5K” regimen that will hopefully get me back on track in a couple of months.  However, I have been able to string together enough mileage for a decent update, so here it is:


So, according to the map, I’m near Lynnville, Indiana.  There’s nothing really interesting about Lynnville, Indiana, but they do have their own website.   I would love for any residents of Lynnville to post a comment on this blog telling me something exciting about their town.

See you in the funny papers!

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