Well, there’s always the band…

Yeah, the beloved hometown Louisville Cardinals stunk up the city this afternoon with their terrible impersonation of a football team.  They did happen to score two points and avoid a shutout for the first time in eight years.  However, those two points came at the expense of a poor decision by an inexperienced quarterback making his first college start.  Basically, it was an accident.

UofL Marching Band
UofL Marching Band
  • Did I watch this inept episode of collegiate action? Yes.
  • Did I turn it off when it was still 13-2? Yes.
  • Am I still angry that traffic after this ridiculous debacle made me a virtual prisoner in my own neighborhood? Yes.
  • Do I think the university bears some of the responsibility for that, in addition to the city? Yes.

Four yesses!  That’s a very positive outcome for such an insane situation.

But…how about the band?

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “Well, there’s always the band…

  1. Lydia, no, it’s okay. Go ahead. You guys deserve it. Kentucky was, by far (and I’m man enough to admit this, most likely because it’s still baseball season, Go RED SOX!), the best team on Sunday. Actually, they may have been the only team. Cantwell looked like he’d never thrown a pass and while our defense has picked up, it seems our offense has left off. Enjoy it. Last season might have been a fluke, but this season was certainly a mismatch. When you only score two points, and even that was an accident (in my opinion), then the other team certainly did their job. We did lose 21 players from last year…but still…2 points?!

    But, how about that band? Were they awesome or what?

  2. Well, I don’t know that the band was even on TV, but I work with a bunch of them and I know they’re pretty awesome. They’re always good…even when the team is not. Except for that joke “pep band” that the sports department put together of alumni and high school kids. They suck.

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