Instant gratification

I’m a guy who likes stuff when I want it.  I don’t like messing around with waiting.  I’m not really impatient, but I don’t like to engage in activities that don’t produce results immediately.  For example:

  • I stand at the microwave desperate to understand why it takes a full FOUR MINUTES to cook a meal.
  • I think red lights should be optional if it’s truly obvious that NO ONE is coming from any direction.
  • I prefer e-mail to actual letters even though I like getting mail.  Mail just takes so long.

To that end, when I started my “couch-to-5K,” I wanted immediate results.  I wanted to be able to fly along at about a 9 minute-mile during the run portions of my program.  Naturally, this did not occur and I began to get frustrated.  Mind you, I just started this program 16 days ago…but I wanted to run, and run fast.

So, it’s a program designed to go from walking to running over the course of four months.  And this week was walking 24 minutes, running 6 minutes.  Well, last week, it was 27 and 3 and I would walk the 27 and then for the last bit, run all out for 3 minutes.  I was getting nowhere.  Finally, I had an epiphany in the shower…that’s where all great epiphanies occur.  I should break this down into increments, so now I’m walking 4 minutes, running 1 minute for 6 repetitions.  Much easier to handle and it seems as if the results are more in line with my desire for instant gratification.

However, your instant gratification will have to wait.  I’ve decided to only do running updates every other week, so look for an update on Monday.

See you in the funny papers!

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