Way to Normal

The title is a reference to Ben Folds’ new album, but this is a running update.  It just so happens that I’m in Illinois now on my way to Kansas.  I’ve reached the 150 mile mark in my Melisa Memorial 570, north of  Mill Shoals, IL.  Both my run and Ben Folds’ new album refer to places in Illinois.

Mill Shoals, Illinois was once the home of a thriving barrel-making industry which depleted nearby virgin forests and turned to agriculture until 1939 when oil was discovered.  By 1970, the oil was gone and Mill shoals returned to its agrarian roots.

So, Mill Shoals…not big on the sustainability of the environment.  Just use it up til it’s gone.  Must be Republicans.
My run yesterday went significantly well, although I had to run on the treadmill due to the pouring rain.  Still, I covered almost 3 miles in my 32:00 on the treadmill which is very, very promising.  I also lifted a few weights in the hopes of strengthening my legs.

In other news, I have not watched the debate yet.  I do have it on TiVo though…so, I will be watching it soon.  I was busy playing Mario Kart Wii with the Neighbors last night and was therefore preoccupied.  Also, I may not be posting as much next week as we will be in Philadelphia for the week.  But, you never know…so don’t just assume I won’t be saying anything.  You know, the Interwebs go to Philadelphia too…or so I’ve been told.

See you in the funny papers!

5 thoughts on “Way to Normal

  1. Thank you. I was pretty excited about it. Although, it was on the treadmill where my pace remains constant and I can’t quite duplicate that on the road. As well, the incline was level and that certainly doesn’t translate well to the outside world, but I was still pretty happy with the time and distance.

  2. Question for you: what mapping service are you using? I like how your updates contain mileage markers on them, but the site I use (gmap-pedometer) doesn’t do that.

    If you tell me RunningAhead… I should be fired from my job as unpaid RA shill.


  3. *ha, ha* Honestly, I am using RunningAhead. For the MMH 570, I just started making the course and I add to it with each update. I really like RA as well, and I enjoy everything RA does. I’m glad I found it. I guess I can become an unpaid RA shill now? *laughing*

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