City of Brotherly Love

I’m in Philadelphia and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. The television in the hotel really sucks…which gives me that much more reason to get out and see the sights. I haven’t seen everything, particularly the more historical aspects of the city, as I’m waiting for C.’s conference to be complete so we can enjoy it together. I have, however, walked this city up and down, east and west, for 2 solid days. LOVE statue That might explain why my run yesterday was so lackluster. I’m on the 1:00/1:00 plan this week, and yesterday morning’s workout was the pits. I was unable to keep to the intervals after the first 15 minutes and I only ended up getting in 2.5 in 33 minutes. But, I’ve been Delaware to Schuylkill and several points in between. I’m uploading some photos so that you can see what I’ve seen so far…but I wanted to write in and let you know I haven’t disappeared. Also, check out the movies and events pages…they’ve been updated.

See you in the funny papers!

P.S. I’d also like to nominate Manayunk, PA as the unofficial running capital of Pennsylvania. Tons of runners there last night…TONS!

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