Wading through the muck

With a mere 5 days until the election, one wonders which will be scarier Halloween or November 4.  As the onslaught of negativity continues from both sides in all elections, the undecided vote looms larger.  Now, most of us have already chosen a candidate, but the sheer numbers of people who have not yet come to a decision is worrying.  Now, the candidate that I’ve chosen, Senator Obama, has what seems to be an impressive lead going into the last days of this election season.  All the polls indicate that he is leading or tied with Senator McCain in at least eight battleground states.  However, I’m not the only kid who remembers seeing a picture of Truman holding up the infamous “Dewey defeats Truman” headline in school.  I’m also not the only kid who remembers that the last two elections were basically stolen by the Republican party.  I have my doubts about the “truthiness” of the entire election system.  I’m also not wild about the electoral college, but that’s another post entirely.  

My point is, if you’re still undecided at this point, you really need to sit down and carefully consider your options and make a choice.  Five days is a short amount of time to really make an informed decision, especially with all the mudslinging that’s going on.  I would suggest that you take a moment to go to each candidate’s website and view their positions on the issues (assuming that issues are still important to each campaign) and make up your own mind about how you feel regarding these issues.  To that end, I’m offering a link to each campaign.


In five days, the course of this country will be altered, regardless of who is elected.  It’s up to you to be part of that decision.  This, democracy, is what sets us apart from regimes around the world whose citizens are oppressed and persecuted.  Be a part of this process and vote for your life.

See you in the funny papers!

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