NaBloPoMo 2

I’m pretty sure that we’re in the midst of Indian Summer now.  It’s not a very politically correct term…but it is what it is.  The term, apparently, used to be known as St. Martin’s Summer and ended on St. Martin’s Day, November 11.  And, there are several etymological theories as to why it’s called Indian Summer now.  Regardless, though, of what you call it, it’s a short-term warm spell in early autumn that makes for a wonderful couple of days outside before the weather turns bitter and cold.  That said…it’s a beautiful Indian Summer day out today and the leaves have shed their spring greens for the brilliant hues of autumn.

In other news, C. and I saw Bill Maher’s Religulous last night with S. and S. and I’ve got to say that it’s not a great film.  Not from the standpoint of his desire to shake the foundations of religion, but because he goes about it the wrong way.  Maher needs to decide if he wants to be a comedian or a filmmaker, because the two did not go hand in hand, other than to create a poorly directed film.  I’ll say this, I saw his point (assuming that he had one), but his heavy handed rudeness brutalized the people he was interviewing.  If you want to pick a fight with religion, go ahead…but don’t insult while doing it.  It doesn’t help your cause.  Plus, it might help if you actually visited with some religious institutions that weren’t so far to one end of the spectrum or the other.  There are many (at least in my opinion) people who “buy into” religion that are making a wonderful difference in the world and have no desire to see it destroyed in the name of their chosen faith.  But, I doubt if the 16% of Americans who profess no faith are going to start a cultural revolution in the name of nothing in order to save the world from religion.  There are some issues with religion, but economics and politics have a lot more to do with the problems of the world in my opinion.

See you in the funny papers!

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