NaBloPoMo 4

nablo1108120x240Well, this is it!  The day we’ve been waiting for…the last dance, the whole shootin’ match…the great day of reckoning!  And I, for one, approach these final hours with equal parts dread, fascination, and curiosity.  Never have I experienced a political moment with such intense desire and great portent.  The mere thought of the polls closing in a little over 20 minutes makes me shake with excitement.

This morning, C. and I participated in the great democratic process, made all the more interesting by my recent visit to the National Constitution Center and my current reading of Sarah Vowell’s The Wordy Shipmates.  The fact that we get to choose our leader rather than having that person handed down to us through a lineage or acquiring them through a coup d’etat is awe-inspiring.  And afterwards, we went shopping to give the economy a little pre-election night boost.  I got some hiking footwear for my anticipated trip up Humphrey’s Peak and some underwear and socks.

Anyway, I hope that you voted today and if you’re reading this on the West Coast, you still have plenty of time to get to the polls…and I’m sure it hasn’t been decided already, so get out there and give yourself some democratic chills by exercising your right to vote.

See you in the funny papers!

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