NaBloPoMo 5

nablo1108120x240This is the moment we’ve been waiting for; the moment that has taken more than seven years to arrive.  This is change that we’ve worked for, hoped for, and striven for.  This is the moment where we can finally sit back and say that was well-earned and we are elated.

349 electoral votes is pretty much a demand from the people of this country that we want Barack Obama as our leader.  We want Obama as our guide for AT LEAST the next four years.  We believe in him as he has believed in the power of the people to elect him.  The last two years have not been easy and there have been some moments where we’ve felt down or disappointed…but this is the dawn of a new era in government, in politics, and in life.  

I truly believe that this country has come to a crossroads and beyond a shadow of a doubt is now following the path that will lead it back to greatness.  Not greatness, necessarily, in the vein of military might and empire expanding desires…but greatness in the sense of becoming a nation, once again, that people look to in hope for themselves and their children.  A nation where steaming into New York Harbor with your eyes on Lady Liberty is the first step in achieving a new world.  But I also believe that our nation can be more than its once great self.  I believe we can also aspire to be more than we were…a nation where we are proud to stand arm and arm with each other and call one another equal.  We still have work to do in this area, but I believe we’re headed in that direction.

A new hope for a new day!

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