NaBloPoMo 7

nablo1108120x240Today’s topic: Hair!  No, not the musical, the actual item.  Hair is not the least an interesting subject for the most part, but it does hold some interest for me at the moment.

First of all, I’m attempting a beard.  I do this regularly every year or so.  It usually coincides with the end of baseball season, a long vacation, or a bout of laziness wherein I don’t really feel like shaving.  This beard, unlike others before it, actually doesn’t look half bad.  It’s rather grown on me Aside: Ha, ha! Catch that one, “grown on me”, ah, that’s brilliant! but it does have its downside.  It’s very scratchy, not only for me but for C. as well.  Consequently, the kissing part of my life has suffered dramatically.  I’ve been told by several people that this ultimately fades and you have beard without scratchiness.  I’ve never really been able to let it go this long if indeed this truly happens.  But, I do sort of like the look and it hasn’t been roundly rebuffed by interested parties like years past.  As a matter of fact, my mother, who abhors facial hair, found it not all that horrifying and said it was not half bad.  C. hasn’t really weighed in as I don’t believe she thinks it will last Aside: and honestly, it probably will not and possibly she’s tired of kissing me anyway. *laughing, nervously*  Aaron with beardOthers who have seen me in my current unshaven state have been complimentary of it and that has made me somewhat attached to the idea.  But, truth be known, its days are most likely numbered.  However, in the interest of posterity, here I am in my hirsute state.

Also, in other related hair news, I had gone back through the archives of this website which are extensive and I had noticed a trend a few years back where I discussed at great length my selection of a new barber.  Her name was Trisha and she was to replace Leroy, who had replaced Larry, who had taken over from Wendy, who was a replacement for a guy whose name was Jim I think, who was the earliest barber I remember save for Bob who left me without much hair much to my mother’s dismay, but it only cost $2 for a haircut.  Anyway, all of these barbers, the great lineage of haircutters in my lifetime, have now given way to Kellie who is very good and takes care of me every time I need a trim.  And, the lineage is not perfect as there were several dalliances with other haircutters from time to time, trying here and there to get the perfect fit with a hairdresser.  It’s not as easy as one might think.  74% of all men hate changing hairstylists Aside: I just made that statistic up but it’s probably close and so when we find a good one, we like to keep them for a while or forever.  Much like our underwear or our favorite pair of sneakers.

So that’s enough about hair I think.  Let me know what you think of the beard, but don’t get used to seeing it on me.  Oh, and if you’re wondering where my glasses went, the flash from my phone made me look like Elton John on acid, so I took them off just for the photo.

See you in the funny papers!

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