NaBloPoMo 16

nablo1108120x240I may have mentioned the other day that we were cleaning out closets.  It seems that two of the closets upstairs still contained boxes upon boxes of things that had been moved in but never sorted.  Naturally, there was a ton of stuff that could be donated, a lot of trash, and a few keepsakes.  My most treasured find Aside: most of the stuff was C.’s was a box containing birthday/graduation/Christmas cards and another box filled with my life from the early 90s.

The early 90s, specifically 1991-1994 was an amazing period of my life.  I was graduating from high school and starting college and all of this was happening before the Internet existed.  Well, okay, not existed…but before it was a part of our lives, and by “our”, I mean pretty much anybody with a pulse.  Since this was really before email as well, I wrote a lot of letters.  My parents will also tell you that I racked up some pretty hefty phone bills in the early 90s as well, but the important thing here is the letters.  These letters were, by and large, written to friends from summer camp.  And some of them troll the depths of human experience and some are no more than a few lines of small talk.  But…wow, the memories.  I managed to read through several and while I must not have been a very reliable communicator back then Aside: several letters admonish me for not writing them sooner I was apparently somewhat sullen, but a really wonderful charming guy and the best counselor-in-training (C.I.T.) ever!  These are things I, of course, knew already…but it’s fun to see them in print.  I’m very modest as well.

I look forward to reading a lot of them over the next few months…and who knows, you might even get a letter from me if I can find you again.  Some of you are easy to find on Facebook and I already know where you are anyway.  Some of you are going to take some of my best investigative skills…and some of you may not even want to be found.  That’s fine too.  I can take a hint.  

See you in the funny papers!

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 16

  1. I totally own up to all that crap being mine! I can’t believe that out of those piles and piles of stuff, you just had two shoeboxes full of letters. That was a good purge, though. Now most of the stuff we have is OURS.

  2. Jess, yes, a bittersweet tear for the memories of PYOCA. It used to be a wonderful camp.

    Care, I’m totally thrilled that we got those cleaned out…now if I can just figure out a good way to get all of that junk out of the house. It was fun though.

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