NaBloPoMo 18

nablo1108120x240Very often, I have the urge to travel.  I think it must be in my blood, what with my geography training and all.  The problem is, I don’t always have the money to travel.  However, that never stops me from imagining myself in various places.  I decided that I would share my top 5 destinations (currently) where, barring money, time, and political strangleholds, I would certainly pack up and go tomorrow.

Number One: Tik’al in Guatemala  Aside from being the largest city of the ancient Mayan civilization, Tik’al was also used as the backdrop for several rebel base scenes in the original Star Wars film.  I am fascinated by this culture and their massive pyramids.  As well, having been to the Yucatan, I would be interested to compare this area with those ruins as well.

Number Two: Vienna, Austria  This city intrigues me for its appearance in a multitude of great musician biographies.  I would love to visit the palaces and attend concerts at the various opera houses.  Plus, it apparently is the world capital of balls Aside: get your mind out of the gutter! and I can’t imagine living a full life without going to the ball with my lovely wife.  I mean, how Cinderella would that be?

Number Three: Mongolia  I know, I know…it seems to be a dry wasteland stuck between Russia and China.  But, I’ve always found beauty in unlikely places.  I think the drive across the Texas panhandle has its charm and I rather like places with lots of farmland.  I just find Mongolia intriguing.  It strikes me as one of the last great frontiers on the planet.  I suppose with its affection for horses, I picture it as more of a wild, wild, Far East sort of place.  This would also add a new continent to my travels.

Number Four: Patagonia, Argentina  I’m not opposed to all of Argentina, but if I have to choose only part, I would love to see this area.  Again, more open wildness calls to me from the map.  Plus, if the food is anything like the local Argentinian restaurant, I will certainly want to spend a lot of time there.  Plus, this would add another continent to my ever-growing list.

Number Five: Havana, Cuba  I hope that someday I’m able to go here.  I’m certain that I’ve romanticized it in my head and it’s quite possibly not all it’s cracked up to be, but if I go, the first thing I’ll do is have my first cigar.  I want to sit at a local café, smoke a cigar, listen to a little guitar music, drink mojitos in my guayabera and dream of a long life.  That should do it.  The next day, I’ll find an old Chevy convertible and drive down the streets of Havana enjoying the sunshine.  Wow…maybe I should move it further up the list.

Runners up: Scotland and/or Ireland; New Zealand; India; Sweden; Banff, Canada

A guy can dream can’t he?  See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 18

  1. I’m surprised Ireland isn’t further up! I want to go there, Japan, Monaco or anywhere in the south of France, Italy, and always Hawaii.

  2. Yeah, I figured Ireland would be up there too, but I would imagine that Ireland is doable. I’m not so sure about the Top 5. I mean, they’re pretty exotic. Okay, not so much Vienna…but Mongolia? And, I’d love to go back to Paris and South Africa, but I limited myself to places I hadn’t been.

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