NaBloPoMo 19

nablo1108120x240I was pretty much an absolute slob today.  I didn’t really get out of bed until 11, which was nice.  I got some reading time in which was enjoyable.  Right now I’m reading Proust, which is thick and wonderful.  The language is enjoyable and the story is really nice at the moment.  I went for an abbreviated run Aside: hopefully there will be a running update soon in the cold and wind.  It was terrible and I coughed up winter all through my post-run shower.  From now on, only running at the gym when it is this cold outside.  I also started Apocalypto which, if you’re not a fan of blood and violence, I recommend skipping this one.  It’s been pretty much all that throughout the first half hour to 45 minutes of the film.  It’s interesting though.  Then, I got a haircut and I went to choir practice.  Nothing at all terribly exciting, but it was a nice day off.

I hate to cut this post short, but I’m tired.  I’m not feeling all that well…I think it might be fatigue from not having done anything today.  There’s not really much to say anyway.  Maybe tomorrow will be more entertaining.  We’ll see.

See you in the funny papers!

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