NaBloPoMo 20

nablo1108120x240Today I decided to give you a running update and I went looking for the last one and it was on October 23.  Interwebs, how did you let me go this long without an update?!  The good news is that I added almost 38 miles to my trip and broke the 200 mile barrier.  I’m almost to St. Louis on the MRH 570 run and as long as my knees hold up I should be able to make it the rest of the way.

The concern about my knees is that they’ve felt older lately.  I believe some of it has to do with the cold, some of it has to do with my poor stretching regimen Aside: hardly any stretching at all and some of it is probably directly related to the increase in mileage, although, it hasn’t been a huge increase.  Yesterday’s run was an abomination.  It was so cold I couldn’t catch my breath as I was running and I stopped after 15 minutes.  I wanted to stop after 3 minutes.  The 15 minutes, though, turned out to be a pretty decent jaunt.  I got almost a mile and a half in even with the stiff wind.  And the mile was a 9:46 mile which is pretty amazing.  I have, however, decided that due to the weather conditions and my prissy attitude about running, I will be going to the gym for my workouts from now on.


So, where exactly am I?  Huegely, Illinois…which is nowhere!  Not even on the radar screen for the intertubes! Well, I’m not far from St. Louis which is cool, although…the last time I attempted this run, I got to about St. Louis and then became disenchanted and never finished.  The goal is to finish by June 3 which would’ve been Melisa’s birthday.  I know, I know…the goal has changed several times, but I hadn’t planned on breaking my ankle back in February either…so deal!  Anyway, there it is.

See you in the funny papers!

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