Missing the heat

It’s winter here in Kentucky, no doubt about that.  It’s cold outside, it’s cold in the office, and my Christmas Spirit gauge shows that I’m about 3 quarts low.  Check that, it’s flat dry.  I don’t have the desire or the energy to put up with Christmas in any form: holiday luncheons, choir practices, etc.  I’m tapped out.  I attribute some of that to the cold…but a lot of it is due to the overkill.  Christmas is such a drain on my system and to not have it be at least in the 70s during this time wears on a person.

And, the sun…where is the sun?  It has been overcast for the past 3 days here, not to mention that with daylight savings, I’m already heading to/leaving from work in the darkness.  It’s so depressing.  I even put on some Dropkick Murphys to shake out some of the blues today, and it worked for a minute or two.  But it’s as if Old Man Winter is trying to suck the life out of me one gloomy day at a time.

In other news, I’ve been adding old posts, slowly, to the back end of my blog.  Basically, I’m back dating old stuff so that it shows up in the right order…so if you want to check out some of the old me, I highly recommend scrolling all the way to the bottom and checking out the past.  Sort of a “Back to the Future” kind of event.  One particular favorite is August 1, 2006.  It’s about the heat!

See you in the funny papers!

2 thoughts on “Missing the heat

  1. Hang in there…maybe the sun will come out tomorrow. A cool 44 her in central Texas this morning…with lots of sunshine…so I am thankful. Yes, the season is exhausting, I’ll agree to that. Looking forward to a few un-rushed, un-packed weekends!!

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