The story of life

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

A man and a woman stepped forth from their cave with a new son.  Beneath the silvery gleam of the half moon and the sparkle of a billion stars, this new life was consecrated with the earth and the heavens in mutual understanding.  As the days grew longer in their land, they watched as their son grew strong and intelligent; learning his way in the world through their teaching as well as through his own inquisitiveness.  As a family, they connected with other members of the clan who in turn enabled their son to reach his full potential.  Soon the son stood tall among this gathering and set out in the world to find his own desires; his own value.  The son traveled the farthest reaches of the lands which were known unto his people and he gathered all of this knowledge to himself creating his own world.  Soon he desired companionship and sought out another to share this world with him.  And they stood at the mouth of their own dwelling staring deep into the stars as the moon rose high in the sky.  And he saw that life was good.

Today is my birthday.  When I stepped out of the shower this morning, I looked into the eyes of an older adult in the mirror.  I hardly recognized the person I saw before me.  It wasn’t the grey hairs (though there were a few), it wasn’t the bags beneath his eyes (though they were present also).  It was simply an understanding that the man looking back at me was no longer the young child that he used to be.  He had grown into an adult and would forever be that adult.  Certainly, he still has the occasional childlike desires in him, not the least of which appears in his humor…but for the most part, he is an adult.  And, that man was me.  I’m not old (at least not by the latest actuarial tables) but I have reached a certain maturity that one could misconstrue as adulthood.  I’ve taken it in stride and I look forward to the experiences that are to come.

See you in the funny papers!

9 thoughts on “The story of life

  1. Hiya,

    First, wishing you many many happy returns of the day! Hope you have a great birthday and many more yet to come.

    I can relate to the aspect that with every passing year, you will always tend to sense that there have been certain changes in the way you would tent to react or think – which eventually does add to being some factors of adulthood. The best part is, how fast a year passes by you, without you even realising it. 🙂 Good One. Cheers and Happy Blogging.


  2. Thank you Deeps! I appreciate your words. As well, I checked out a couple of posts on your blog and I believe I’ll add you to my list of blogs to read. Very interesting stuff.

  3. Another Flying Monkey kill, that’s how. Well, that, and another marathon, perhaps the Bourbon Chase Relay down in your neck of the woods, and a half-marathon as well. Uhh… maybe I should start running again. Yikes!

  4. Wow, you’d do the Flying Monkey again?! I suppose you would train more for this one. *grin* Also…I checked out the website for the Bourbon Chase Relay and assuming you need another member for your team and my wife is okay with me running on our anniversary weekend, I’d be happy to join you. Let me know though, so I can break it to her gently.

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