It's A Girl!

No doubt, to many of you this will come as a surprise.  To some of you, it will simply be old news, but still exciting.  And to a very few of you, hopefully, I’ll need to ask you to pick your jaw up off the keyboard at this point to keep from drooling on the spacebar.  Yes, C. and I are going to have a baby girl in May.  Already I can tell you that she’s beautiful, talented, intelligent, athletic, and has the singing voice of heaven’s own angels.  For your next question, yes, we do have a name chosen already, but that name is top secret AND classified.  Unless you guess the exact name, first and middle, Aside: and feel free to guess all you like we will not be sharing the name until she is born.  However, if you do guess the exact name, we will tell you if you are correct.  Then, naturally, you will be sworn to secrecy…so, hazard a guess at your own peril.

She’s healthy and right on target for size at this point in the pregnancy.  Her heart beat was strong and it feels good to call her “she” rather than “it” for a change.  I’m also pretty sure she waved at me during the ultrasound.  She’s already a daddy’s girl.

On an unrelated note, thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday!  It was a wonderful day.

See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “It’s…

  1. AGH! We are so excited for the two of you!!! Gabi is excited, too. She said she wants to kiss the baby in C’s belly. Tell C’s belly button to pucker up! 🙂


    Oh, Slugger — I’m so happy for you guys! Just the sort of people who oughta be havin the babies, I tell you! And may I say, 14+ months into parenthood with my daughter: This has seriously, sincerely been the best year-plus of my life (and I’ve had a pretty damn good life, curmudgeonly blog notwithstanding!). Even when I’ve been just exhausted, at the molecular level, there’s been so much joy and happiness. I wish all three of you the very best!

  3. Thanks Drew, alisha, Angie, Mar-cee-uh, and Gleemonex. We’re very excited about the news and thrilled that the baby is healthy. We’re looking forward to an exciting 2009. I’m certain that you’ll be hearing more about her in the future, but I’m also trying to avoid that “first parent ever” syndrome where I drone on and on about my child. I may open another blog for things about her, but this page will continue to be for me.

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