Here’s what I know:

  • President Obama (doesn’t it feel good to say that) has every right to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.  It is basically a government-sponsored torture center in a country where we don’t even recognize their government.  The rest of the world views Guantanamo as an offense against human rights and the America that I live in should know better.
  • Natalie Dylan,” or whatever her real name is, has every right to auction off her virginity.  I don’t think it’s a proper thing to do, and I would imagine that she might regret it later…but everyone gets 15 minutes, right?  And if you can get in excess of $3.8 million for your 15 minutes, then who’s to say you shouldn’t.  
  • It is time that the Red Sox sign Jason Varitek.  He’s not the catcher of the future, but he is the catcher for now.  He needs to be at Spring Training in 3 weeks and the Sox need to figure out a way to get him there.  
  • If I were employed in Timothy Geithner’s position, I think I would’ve certainly known when and how to pay my taxes.  I’d love to go years without paying them and then when somebody found out about it, just apologize and say “Hey, look, I didn’t understand, things happen.”  I’m kind of tired of people being able to edge around the law when it suits their purpose, especially if they feel they’ve reached some sort of higher plateau than the rest of us.  This includes celebrities.
  • Of all the nominations for various Academy Awards, I have seen a total of 2 of the films on the list: WALL-E and The Dark Knight.  I think this is a byproduct of a couple of things…first of all, the economy (and my wallet) is such that seeing movies at the theatre is a little too rich for my blood.  Secondly, Netflix delivers thousands of movies to my home and I never have to leave the comfort of my chair Aside:mmm, my chair, it’s such a good chair. So, I couldn’t tell you who should win, because I don’t even know the players.
  • Finally, last night, my daughter kicked me.  She kicked me right in the palm of my hand.  This, naturally, sent me into a fit of laughter because it was the strangest, most surreal event.  Just a little poke right across the crease in my hand…and the whole world seemed different.  I’m going to try to keep most baby stuff off this blog, because that’s not why you’re here, but occasionally I’ll have a daddy story and you’ll just have to suffer through.

See you in the funny papers!

3 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. Don’t worry — I love the Daddy posts every now and again. 😉

    And I haven’t seen but a small handful of the nominees either, for the same reasons you haven’t. But I’ll see most of them eventually, via Netflix; a 50-in. HD screen w/Blu-Ray & surround sound means the actual theater is really only for the popcorn and the group experience …

  2. Dude! That’s why I’m here!!! How else am I going to find out!?!?!

    That’s so exciting. Wait until you can make out a foot or an elbow. Freaky!

  3. Glee, yes, but I love the popcorn. Particularly the butter. And Sno-caps…sweet mercy, I love some Sno-caps.

    Angie, no baby posts for you! Okay…well, maybe one occasionally.

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